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Okinawa esport association, About Okinawa esports

Okinawa esport association, About Okinawa esports

Okinawa Prefecture set up an "Okinawa esports association (OeSA)" for promotional propose in December 2018.
The aim of the association is promoting Okinawa through operating esport competition and cultivating esport team.

This article will introduce the activties of OeSA.

About Okinawa esports association (OeSA)

Okinawa esports Association (OeSA) was found at 7 of December 2018 by representatives from IT companies and social event planning companies inside Okinawa Prefecture.
The representative of OeSA is Goshi Matsunaga who set up esports teams of FC Ryukyu and Pro Evolution Soccer when the representative of the executive committee is Masaki Sunagawa.

The propose of setting up

The propose of OeSA are not only promoting esports culture but also developing new business in Okinawa Prefecture.
Although the business of tourism is prosperous, the opportunity will be lost because of the bad weather. Besides, the communication problem still exists when tourist come.

About this situation, the representative, Matsunaga said that "an event operation which will not be affected by language and weather is possible"


The main activity is operating esports related event and organization.

  • Reseaching, studying and inspirating for esports promotional propose.
  • Promoting esports compatition.
  • Releasing on licence for esport compation and
  • Supporting the cultivating esports players.
  • Linking esports related organization.

esports players increase every year.It is predictable if esports related activities increase at the same time.
OeSA, an association mainly focus on esports business inside Okinawa, cooperate with JeSU, an association works on national entertainment activities and license releasing business. OeSA participated in "IT shinryoin festival", an event which provide the newest IT technology and esports games.
They exhibit "Pro Evolution Soccer" in the esports area and received a lot of positive comment.

Development in the future.

There are two activties from OeSA in the future.
Esports championship 2019 IBARAKI representative decision compatition April to August
Crystal Grand Cross (tentative) April to October

The first activity is "Esports championship 2019 IBARAKI representative decision competition".

Esports championship is a competition for champions from different places in Japan. Moreover, this competition became one of the headings of the National Sports Festival of Japan. We believe this activity will become a big event to grab people's attention.
The activty will hold the competition of PS4 game"Puyo Puyo esports", "Pro Evolution Soccer 2019" and "Gran Turismo".

The second activity is Crystal Grand Cross (tentative).

Champions will participate in the competition as a team and individual in a round-robin tournament. About 300-500 champions will participate in the activity and it probably will be a big event.
The game title and game rule will be introduced later in OeSA offical website.

■OeSA offical website

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