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Completely new RPG "Gate of Nightmare" by Hiro majima × Sueni officially starts service on October 26!


Gate of Nightmare", a completely new RPG by Hiro Mashima and Square Enix, will officially begin service on October 26!
With the announcement of the service start date, a final trailer and a digital version of the "User's Manual" have also been released.

What is "Gate of Nightmare"?



Nightmares: .......
It is a mirror that reflects the fears and anxieties that lurk in people's hearts.

There has always been a terrifying monster in this world that such nightmares have taken shape.
Its name is ......, Nightmare.

In the world of "Wistaria", a world of swords and magic, and "Lemurious", a world where people's dreams are embodied, Emma, a girl who has become a "nightwalker" who uses "nightmare", a demon born from nightmares, meets a mysterious boy, Azel, who is attracted to "nightmares". Emma meets a mysterious boy named Azel, who has a predisposition to be attracted to nightmares.

Soon after, they embark on an epic adventure that even they did not anticipate...


Game Features

A royal adventure fantasy by Hiro Mashima and Hitoshi Fujisawa!


A new story is spun in a fantastic world of swords and magic, with character design and world setting by Hiro Mashima and scenario by Hitoshi Fujisawa!

3D action battles with over 50 characters!


Characters drawn by Hiro Mashima are fully recreated in 3D models! Make full use of the skills of each character to defeat the enemies that stand in your way!

Monster blending system to create new "Nightmares"!


The "Nightmare" is a demon born from a nightmare, which can be combined to create a new "Nightmare".
Let's explore Wistaria and Lemurias in search of new "Nightmares"!

Profound and brilliant game sound by Koji Takanashi!


Music by Koji Takanashi, who also wrote the music for the TV anime "FAIRY TAIL", is in charge of the music. The profound and brilliant game sound will color this title!

Don't miss out on the gorgeous rewards for pre-registration!


A campaign is currently underway to upgrade the luxurious rewards according to the number of pre-registered players!
The number of pre-registered players has already exceeded 300,000, and the reward for achieving this goal is 10 "Red Gems" worth of gacha.
However, the campaign will soon end with the start of the official service.
If you haven't pre-registered yet, don't miss this opportunity!
For more information, check out the official website!

Commemorating the official service start! Present campaign is underway!


To commemorate the official service start date, we are holding a campaign in which 500 people will receive either a booklet version of the "Getmare User's Manual" or an Amazon gift certificate worth 1,000 yen by lottery.

Application period

October 12, 2021 (Tuesday) - October 25, 2021 (Monday) 23:59

How to apply


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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