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Now 550 yen for 6 months! Introducing IIJmio, which is ideal for spare lines in the event of a communication failure!


KDDI's massive communication outage occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 2, 2022.
"Users of mobile communications provided by KDDI, such as au, UQ mobile, and povo, were unable to make data communications and calls, and it was a very serious situation.
At the time of writing, July 4 (Mon.), restoration work is still ongoing, resulting in slower communication speeds and difficulty in making calls.
It seems that this outage was caused by what is called " congestion," a situation in which too much data is concentrated, resulting in a traffic jam.
This kind of system failure is bound to occur at some point, no matter which service you use.
There is a way to avoid such risks, such as not being able to use your smartphone, which has already become an infrastructure of your life, or not being able to make emergency phone calls!
There is a way to avoid the risk of losing access to the infrastructure of your life, such as your phone, or being unable to make emergency calls!
If you subscribe to multiple carriers and there is a system failure on one of them, you can use the other one and you are good to go!
In this article, we will introduce IIJmio, which offers two carriers to choose from, an "au line" and a "docomo line"!


What is IIJmio?


IIJmio" is a low-cost SIM/cheap smartphone service that allows you to freely combine "SIM functions" and "data volume" according to the functions you want to use, and offers more than 40 models of smartphones, including the latest smartphones and MVNO-only smartphones, at low prices. The lineup includes more than 40 models of smartphones, from the latest smartphones to those exclusive to MVNOs, all at reasonable prices!
This is a service that boasts a solid level of customer satisfaction, winning the " J.D. Power Mobile Phone Service Customer Satisfaction No. 1 (MVNO) " and " MVNO Industry Customer Satisfaction No. 1 " awards in fiscal year 2021!
As mentioned above, you can choose between docomo network and au network, and it is also ideal for a backup line by signing up for a different line from your own mobile carrier !


Now 550 yen for all 6 months!


During the campaign period from Monday, June 20, 2022 to Sunday, July 31, 2022, you can get a discount of 300 yen (including tax) on the monthly charge for 6 months when you apply for "IIJmio Mobile Service Giga Plan "!
The 2 Giga Plan is available for only 550 yen (tax included)!
Even with unlimited 5-minute calling, the monthly fee is only 640 yen (tax included), which is a very reasonable price!
Why don't you consider using IIJmio?
For more details about this service, please check the official IIJmio website.



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