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"Doggod Korone" becomes an ambassador of "Sonic"! Voice actor appearance in "Sonic the Movie/Sonic VS Knuckles"!


Virtual YouTuber " Korone Inugami " belongs to the popular female VTuber group " hololive " operated by Cover Inc.
She is known as a big Sonic fan among " hololive " members, and has collaborated with the " Sonic " series many times, including her third guest appearance at the recently held " Sonic Station LIVE! Sonic Station LIVE!", he has collaborated with the "Sonic" series many times.
Korone Inugami " has decided to become an ambassador of " Sonic " this time!
As Korone Inugami has been appointed as an ambassador, SEGA Corporation has announced a collaboration project between "Sonic the Hedgehog " and " Korone Inugami " called " Sonic x Korone 2022 "!

Korone Inugami" will become an ambassador of "Sonic"!

"戌神ころね"が"ソニック"のアンバサダーに就任PR TIMES

Sonic Station LIVE! ", a program in which the development team delivers various information about Sonic in a relaxed manner.
Korone Inugami has appeared as a guest on the show three times so far, and is known as a big Sonic fan on " hololive " as well, playing a variety of " Sonic " games on the show.
On the " Sonic Station LIVE!" broadcast on Thursday, June 23, 2022, it was announced that Ms. Korone Inugami will become a Sonic ambassador.
In addition, the collaboration project " Sonic X Korone 2022 " between "Sonic the Hedgehog " and " Korone Inugami " was also announced!
We will continue to make Sonic's year more exciting through various collaboration projects!

Korone the Dog God


A dog in a bakery in the city. He works as a store keeper and plays games in his spare time.


The first "Sonic X Korone 2022"! Korone Inugami is the voice actress!

"ソニ×ころ2022"第一弾PR TIMES

Sonic the Hedgehog " and "Korone Inugami " are collaborating in a special project called " SONI×KORO2022 " to make Sonic's year more exciting.
SEGA Corporation has announced the first of these collaborations!
In this memorable first project, " Korone Inugami " will appear as a dubbed Japanese voice actor in the movie "Sonic the Movie: Sonic vs. Knuckles " scheduled to be released on August 19 (Friday), 2022!
You will be able to find out which scene she will appear in at the movie theater!
Please come to the theater to find out!

Special Collaboration Costumes Revealed!

スペシャルコラボ衣装PR TIMES

A special collaboration costume celebrating " Sonic x Koro 2022 " has been revealed!
He is wearing a hoodie with the image of " Sonic " and the SEGA logo on the chest of his T-shirt!
Korone Inugami herself has also changed to Sonic's colors, and you can feel the love for " Sonic " from her entire body.
She will wear this outfit when she works as a " Sonic " ambassador in the future.

Inugami Korone and Sega Sound Team will hold a joint event!

戌神ころね×セガサウンドチーム合同イベントPR TIMES

The Sega Sound Team, which handles music for the " Sonic " series and various other Sega products, and Korone Inugami are planning a collaborative live event!
The details have not been revealed yet, so let's look forward to more information!


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