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App Store and Apple Music, JCB offers up to 20% worth of cash back until Sunday, January 15, 2023!

App StoreやApple Music、JCBなら最大20%相当のキャッシュバック!2023年1月15日(日)まで開催

Apple media services, including the App Store and Apple Music, are frequently used by iPhone users.
JCB will offer up to 20% cash back from December 16, 2022 (Fri.) to January 15, 2023 (Sun.) when you use your JCB card for Apple Media Services!
Don't miss this chance to get cash back on services you use everyday!


Up to 20% (maximum: 1,000 yen equivalent) cash back!

App Storeなどで、JCBカードを利用すると最大20%キャッシュバック!PR TIMES

JCB is running this campaign until January 15, 2023 (Sunday), and you can get up to 20% cash back on Apple media services when you make a payment with a JCB credit/debit card issued in Japan!
You must enter the campaign in advance, so if you are a JCB and iPhone user, make sure to enter on the JCB campaign website before you forget<!
You can also check which card issuers are eligible for this campaign from JCB, so please make sure that your card is compatible before using the campaign.

Campaign Outline
Period December 16, 2022 (Friday) - January 15, 2023 (Sunday) *Subject to change or end without notice
Details Up to 20% of the total amount spent will be refunded when using an eligible JCB brand credit or debit card that has been registered for participation in the campaign. (Upper limit: 1,000 yen equivalent)
Eligible stores Apple Media Services (App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Books, Apple Music, Apple One, Apple Podcast, Apple Podcast subscription, Apple TV, Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, Game Center, iTunes, iCloud storage, etc.)
Eligible Cards JCB credit/debit cards issued in Japan (cards with JCB logo and card number starting with 35) are eligible.

If you are signing up for a new JCB card, the "JCB General Card" is recommended!


This time, we have introduced a campaign where you can receive cash back worth up to 20%, but of course you need to use your JCB card to make a payment in order to receive the cash back.
There are various types of JCB cards, but this time, we would like to issue a card right away and participate in the campaign right away! If you want to get a card right away and participate in campaigns, we will introduce you to the "JCB General Card" which can issue a card number in as little as 5 minutes.

JCB General Card " has a numberless type credit card with excellent security.
The numberless credit card has no number on the face of the card, which can prevent the card from being stolen.
The points earned on the card are always 3X at Amazon.co.jp and up to 20X at Starbucks, so you can earn points!
The accumulated points can be used as 1 point = 3.5 yen at Amazon.co.jp and 1 point = 4 yen at Starbucks. The high rate is one of the attractions of JCB credit cards, as other credit cards basically charge 1 point = 1 yen.

The "JCB General Card" is available in two types: the "Normal Enrollment" type, which has a number on the face of the card, and the "Numberless MOBA Instant Enrollment" type, which is either numberless or allows immediate enrollment. You can apply for a JCB "General Card" through the JCB "JCB General Card &quot ;".

Apply for a JCB Card!

The former type takes one week to arrive, but can be used just like a regular credit card since the number is written on the face of the card.
The latter type of card does not have a number on the face of the card, but a card number is issued in as little as 5 minutes and can be used immediately either online or at a store.



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