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The movie version "Devil's Blade" Infinite Train Edition appears in LINE dress- up! Nine types of lineup!


The "Demon Slayer" Infinite Train Movie, which has made 25,917,043,800 yen in its 39 days of release, has jumped to the third place in Japan's all-time box-office record.
The final volume of the original work, volume 23, will be released on December 4, and it has been announced that 14 pages of new artwork will be added to the volume.
Kimetsu has been collaborating with a wide variety of things, but one of the most popular for everyday use is the " Demon Slayer" infinite train version LINE stamp with voice, which was recently introduced on Saiga NAK.
Now, we have another stamp that will allow you to be covered in Kimetsu!
The "Demon Slayer" Infinite Train Arc LINE clothes are now available!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train voiced LINE stickers release

A total of 9 different dress-up designs!

This time, we've started to distribute LINE clothes for the "Demon Slayer" Infinity Train Arc.
I thought it might be the one of the main visual, but when I looked at the LINE STORE, to my surprise, there are a total of 9 different types!
The first key visual " ver1", the second key visual " ver2 ", the third key visual "ver3", and the fourth key visual "ver4".
And then I saw the " Tanjiro Kamado", "Priestess Kamado", "Zenitsu Wagatsuma", "Inosuke Kusuhira", "Kyozaburo Gurgoku", "Koza", "Nightmare", and "Niguremu ". and each of the main characters are now available.
Since there are already eight "Demon Slayer" dress-up designs available, Kimetsu alone offers a total of 17 different dress-up designs for you to choose from.
Set up your favorite dress-up and share your impressions of the "Demon Slayer" Infinite Train Arc on LINE!
The "Demon Slayer" Infinite Train Arc is available for 370 yen each! Please check the LINE STORE to purchase!

劇場版"Demon Slayer"無限列車編 ver1
Demon Slayer" The Movie "Infinite Train" ver1



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