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Let's enjoy Kirby to the fullest this winter! 30th Anniversary of "Kirby the Movie" Special!


In 2022, the year that marked the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series, "Kirby's Discovery" and "Kirby's Gourmet Fest" were released, and a variety of Kirby-related content appeared through various campaigns and events. With only a few days left in the year 2022, we will introduce Kirby titles that can be played on Nintendo Switch and the 30th anniversary music festival video that is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch as a special feature on the 30th anniversary of "Kirby.
This winter, enjoy your fill of all things Kirby.

Kirby Titles for Nintendo Switch

Kirby's Gourmet Fest

Kirby's Gourmet Fest is an action game in which the four Kirby's compete against each other for the strawberry stars they have eaten while rolling.
The more strawberries Kirby eats, the bigger he gets, and the winner is the one with the largest Kirby size.
The familiar copy ability also appears in the form of food, and the gourmet battles set in the world of cakes, ice cream, and other sweets may make you hungry in reverse. Be careful when playing at night.

The price is 1,500 yen (including tax), and the game is available only as a downloadable version.
It is more exciting to play with friends and family, so please play together with your friends and family.
Of course, you can also play alone.

Kirby's Discovery

Kirby Discovery is the first 3D action game in the Kirby series, which has been developed as a 2D action game.
The familiar copy ability, which is activated by sucking in certain enemies, and the new "Hobari Henkei" ability, which allows players to perform special actions by sucking up cars and vending machines, appear in the game.

The price is 6,578 yen (including tax) for the packaged version and 6,500 yen (including tax) for the downloadable version. There is also a "Harukaze Mode" with an easy difficulty level, so it is recommended for those who are new to 3D action games.

Kirby Fighters 2

Kirby Fighters 2 is an action game in which up to four Kirbys battle each other using their copy abilities.
The player can choose from 17 different copy abilities, including the new "Wrestler" copy ability, and use various techniques and items to reduce other Kirby's HP to zero to win.
Not only Kirby, but also Dedede the Great, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddledee can be used in the game.

The game is priced at 1,980 yen (tax included) and will be available only as a downloadable version.
The game supports local four-player battles by sharing a Joy-Con, as well as online battles.

Super Kirby Hunters

The game is an action game in which four Kirby characters fight together to complete various quests and take on powerful enemies.
There are "Story Quests" and "Wai Wai Quests," so you can play alone or with others.

The game can be downloaded for free.
The key to victory is to change your team composition and strategy according to the enemy, so why not play this game with your friends?

Kirby Star Arise

Kirby Star Arise is a side-scrolling action game in which players aim for the goal of the stage while conquering enemies and traps.
You can summon up to three helpers and play together with four others in co-op.
By making good use of the "Friends Ability," which is triggered by combining Kirby's copy ability with the abilities of his friends, you can gain an advantage in battle.

Both the packaged and downloadable versions are priced at 6.578 yen (tax included).
The first Kirby title to be released on Nintendo Switch, "Kirby Star Arise" has been updated for free up to the third installment, making it a challenging and rewarding game.

A variety of nostalgic Kirby titles

If you subscribe to the " Nintendo Switch Online " paid monthly service, you can always play classic titles such as "Kirby: The Fountain of Dreams " and " Kirby: Super Deluxe ". If you subscribe to the " Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack " service, you can also play " Kirby 64 ", one of the NINTENDO 64 titles.
The game has a rewind function that allows you to rewind the game and save the game at any time, so you can comfortably play old games.

Some of the 30th Anniversary Music Fest footage is now available for exclusive viewing!

Part of the video footage from the "Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest " held on August 11, 2022 (Thursday) is now available for a limited time until January 31, 2023 (Tuesday).
In the video, you can hear " Special Live: Green Tree Memories ~WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD! ", which is a compilation of the theme songs from "Kirby Discovery " and " Super Kirby Hunters ". If you've played the game before, or if you're just starting out on a new adventure, why not watch a performance that you can enjoy along with the game footage!

There have been many Kirby titles released for the Nintendo Switch alone.
From titles that you can play with your friends to those that you can enjoy alone, a variety of Kirby titles are still being distributed by popular demand, so let's enjoy Kirby titles until we are full this winter.


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