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"Hot-blooded hardliner Kuni-kun" starts a new project to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the series!


The game was launched in arcades in May 1986. This year, 2021, will mark the 35th anniversary of the birth of the " Nekketsu Kuniokun " series.
The series started out as a hardcore belt-scrolling action game, but it soon became more and more comical, with dodgeball, soccer, hockey, athletic meets, period dramas, etc. The series is loved by gamers all over the world, and you have probably played at least one of the games. I'm sure you've played at least one of them.
Recently, despite being a tsuppari, he collaborated with Ito City in Shizuoka Prefecture to introduce the Ito City's own sport, " Makura-nage " (pillow fight), which is a sport that originated in Ito City. Makura-nage in Ito City, " which introduces the sport of "Makura-nage" from Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Various projects will be implemented throughout the year!

35th Anniversary of "Hot Blooded Hardcore Kuniokun

For one year from May 2021, exactly 35 years from May 1986 when the first "Nekketsu Hard School Kuniokun" game was released in arcades, various projects will be implemented, including new games in the "Nekketsu Hard School Kuniokun" series, related products and collaborations!
Currently, no details have been announced, but more information will be announced on the official Kuniokun portal site in the future. Let's wait and see!

#Ark Spring Fever Symphony Sale!

If you want to celebrate the 35th anniversary with us, the best way is to play the past titles!
Currently, the "#Arc Spring Hot Blood Symphony Sale! ", you can purchase the game for 100 yen (tax included), which is great for those who played the game back then and for those who have never played the series before!
Don't miss this chance to purchase the 8 titles for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch for 100 yen (tax included)!
The sale ends on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 23:59! Please check the " #Arc Spring Hot Blood Symphony Sale! Please check the " #Arc Spring Fever Symphony Sale!


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The heroine is the latest in the series "Hot-blooded Hardliner Gaiden River CityGirls"
The heroine is the latest in the series "Hot-blooded Hardliner Gaiden River CityGirls...

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