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LINE Ranger × Norima Blade Fang Collaboration is held today! Popular characters in the work such as "Kaoru Hanayama", "Foolish Dokdo", "Karasui Oh", "Oliva" appear!

LINE レンジャー×範馬刃牙コラボが開催!「花山薫」「愚地独歩」「烈海王」「オリバ」など作中の人気キャラが登場!

Popular manga " Hanma Baki " by Keisuke Itagaki
It is a full-length fighting manga featuring the youngest champion of the underground arena, Hanma Baki, and his father, Yujiro Hanma, who is said to be the strongest creature on earth, as well as various other martial artists.
The anime will be adapted to Netflix in 2021, and the recent announcement of a second anime season has created quite a buzz!
The TV anime " Hanma Baki, " which has been getting a lot of attention, will be collaborating with LINE Corporation's defense battle game " LINE Ranger " starting July 29, 2022 (Friday)!

"LINE Ranger x Hanma Baki Collaboration" is now open!

LINE レンジャー×範馬刃牙コラボPR TIMES

A collaboration between "LINE Ranger " and "Hanma Baki " will be held from July 29, 2022 (Friday)!
In this collaboration, not only the main character "Hanma Baki," but also popular characters " Kaoru Hanayama," " Dokubo Uchiji," " Furious Sea King," and " Oliva " will appear as collaboration-limited rangers, as well as other characters from the series. In addition, collaboration equipment based on familiar items from the series will also be available!

Collaboration special stage "Hanma Baki Planet" will appear!

範馬刃牙 惑星PR TIMES

In addition, the collaboration special stage "Hanma Baki Planet" will be held for a limited time only during the collaboration period!
By clearing the special stage, you can get in-game items such as coins, feathers, and evolution materials, as well as the collaboration ranger " ★8 Retsukaiou "!
The collaboration will be held until July 29 (Friday) - August 31 (Wednesday), 2022 until the end of the collaboration period!
Don't miss this chance to win one of the most popular characters in the game!
For more information on the LINE Ranger and Hanma Baki collaboration, please check out the LINE GAME BLOG!


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