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A chance to play with Dr. Monhan! Live streaming program "Tsubasa Honda is live delivery! Everyone announces "Monhan Rise" details!


The hunting season for the latest title in Capcom's Monster Hunter series, "Monster Hunter Rise," is just a few days away from opening on March 26, 2021 (Friday). The TV commercial featuring Tsubasa Honda as " MonHun Sensei " was released at the "Monster Hunter Rise Digital Live Event" held on March 9, and the demo version of " Monster Hunter Rise DEMO Version 2"" was released on March 12. The distribution of the demo version of "Monster Hunter Rise DEMO Version 2"" started on March 12, and we can feel the MonHun fever growing.
Tsubasa Honda's "Monster Hunter Rise" live-streaming program "Tsubasa Honda Delivers Live! MonHun R ise" will be broadcast on Saturday, March 20, 2020 at 20:00, and now the details have been announced!


This is your chance to hunt with MonHun!

The live streaming program " Tsubasa Honda Delivers Live! MonHun Rise with Everyone " is a special program in which Tsubasa Honda, aka MonHun Sensei, will live stream the demo version of "Monster Hunter Rise DEMO Version 2," which is currently being distributed online by popular demand.
Not only will you be able to watch Tsubasa Honda play, but you may even be able to play multiplayer together!
The " lobby recognition number " and " password " for each quest will be announced during the program, and the first 3 people to enter these will be able to play with Tsubasa Honda in each quest!
Detailed directions for participation will be announced in the program, so be sure not to miss the broadcast from beginning to end!
Another thing to note is that the "Monster Hunter Rise DEMO Version 2" has a limit to the number of times you can start a quest.
If you have used up all of your quests, you will not be able to participate in the multi with Tsubasa Honda, so if you don't have many quests left, you might want to save them until the broadcast!
Tsubasa Honda will be delivering the live broadcast! Minna de MonHun Rise" will be broadcast live on Saturday, March 20, 2021, from 20:00 for about an hour!
To watch the live broadcast, please visit the special website of "Minna de MonHun Rise" or Capcom's official YouTube channel!
There will be no archived streaming after the live broadcast, so be sure to watch in real time!

There will also be a campaign to win rare amiibo!

Tsubasa Honda will be broadcasting live! During the broadcast of "Minna de MonHun Rise", a Twitter campaign will be held where you can win super rare gifts by drawing lots!
Follow the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account(@MH_Rise_JP) and tweet with the hashtag " #MonHun Rise with Tsubasa Honda " between 19:30 and 22:00 on Saturday, March 20, 2021, before and after the program airs. Two winners of amiibo Magai Magado Special Edition (Silver ) will be selected by drawing from among those who tweeted with the hashtag "#Honda Tsubasa and MonHun Rise

amiibo マガイマガドスペシャルエディション(シルバー)
amiibo Magaimagado Special Edition (Silver)

Two winners of an amiibo Otomogaruku Special Edition (Silver)

amiibo オトモガルクスペシャルエディション(シルバー)
amiibo Otomogaruku Special Edition (Silver)

Two winners will receive an amiibo Otomo Air Special Edition (Silver)!

amiibo オトモアイルースペシャルエディション(シルバー)
amiibo Otomo Air Special Edition (Silver)

This is a rare chance to win a very rare item that not only looks really cool in silver, but can also be used as an amiibo!
Tweets with the hashtag "#MonHun Rise with Tsubasa Honda" may be featured in the program, so be sure to include a comment about Tsubasa Honda!
Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter, so be sure to make sure you receive the message!

A rare chance to see Dr. MonHun play!

"Tsubasa Honda will deliver live! Everyone's MonHun Rise" is a chance to play with MonHun Sensei, a chance to win a rare amiibo, but most importantly, it's a rare chance to see Tsubasa Honda play MonHun Rise!
This will be a live broadcast only, with no archives left, so don't miss it!
For more details, please visit the MonHun Rise special site!


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