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A super classic tops the list, but a large number of popular series are also ranked! The 29th "NES National Poll": What do you think of "Oni"? Results announced!


It is an annual event that we often don't care about when we are young, but as we get older, we start to do it properly. I wonder why. Among the various annual events, " Setsubun " is the day before Risshun (the first day of spring), which is just after the beginning of February. It is usually on February 3, although there are rare occasions when the date deviates. However, since ehoumaki is available at supermarkets and convenience stores, many people may have eaten it while facing the direction of blessing. This year, the direction of blessing is east-northeast. The evil spirit that comes in Setsubun, the turning point of the season, is called " Oni," and the theme of this week's " NES National Poll," a weekly fun poll, was "What do you think of Oni? This week, the results were announced! The results of this week's poll have been announced again!


The 29th results are in! The 29th result is announced!

What do you think of "Oni"? Result

The results of the 29th "NES People's Choice Poll" have been announced. The results of the "Famicom National Poll" have been announced, and the top 20 are now available on the Famicom 40th Anniversary Campaign website! Among the various "Oni" related titles, " Fumikon Mukashi Hanashi Shin Onikeshima " came in first place with a whopping 44.7% of the votes! I also voted for this title! This is a well-known game that appeared on the Disk System in 1987 and was remade later for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) . Based on several Japanese folktales, the story with a touch of science fiction was very appealing, and the title " Onikeshima " was probably one of the reasons why it received so many votes. Second place went to "The Legend of Momotaro: PEACHBOY LEGEND " with 25.9% of the votes! Normally, this would not be surprising if it came in first place! Momotaro Densetsu PEACHBOY LEGEND," which can be said to be the origin of the series, came in at No. 2, followed by " Momotaro Densetsu Gaiden " at No. 7, " Super Momotaro Dentetsu " at No. 13, and " Round the World in Japan " at tied for No. 18. The "Momotaro Dentetsu" series was tied for 18th place, with "Momotaro Dentetsu: The Legend of Momotaro" in 7th place, "Super Momotaro Dentetsu" in 13th place, and "Momotaro Dentetsu: The Round-the-Japan Train " in 18th place. Secretly, I am thinking " I wonder if they will remake Momotaro Densetsu..." I wonder if they will do something about it after the results of this year's survey.

There seem to be many sequel titles! What do you think of "2"? Voting has started!

What do you think of "2"?

The 29th edition is over, which means that the 30th edition has begun. Voting for the 30th "NES Referendum" will begin on February 8, 2024 (Thursday)! The theme of this year's poll is "What is the number 2? The theme this time is "What do you think of "2"? Many popular titles that have become part of a series are numbered "2," so I have a feeling that many second titles from hit series will be ranked in the poll. However, there are also titles with "2" in the title regardless of the numbering, and NES fans should know of titles with "2" in them that you may not have thought of! Please cast your vote for the title related to "2" that you are most attached to! Again, you can vote from the "NES National Vote" page on the campaign site after logging in to your Nintendo account. If you forget the title of the game, don't worry, you can enter a part of the title and a list of candidates will appear. The voting period for the 30th "NES Reunion Vote" ends on February 14, 2024 (Wed.) at 11:59 pm, and the results will be announced on February 15, 2024 (Thu. )! I voted for the " 2nd Super Robot Taisen" from the "Super Robot Taisen" series, which I still play whenever a new one is released! I felt a sense of despair when Lala left the game at the beginning! By the way, I was a kid at the time and couldn't clear the game, but I was finally able to clear it later with the "Super Robot Wars Complete Box" version!


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