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The "Mystery" was still strong! The 8th "NES People's Poll" - What do you think of the "Mystery"? The results are announced!


September 13th, the day "Super Mario Bros." was released, is approaching, reminding us once again that the NES has many classic titles. However, there are probably not many people, even of the real-time generation, who have played all the titles, and since human beings are forgetful creatures, it is easy to lose track of the titles that we were so crazy about. What opens the door to our memories is the " NES National Poll," held every week. The top 20 of each theme is announced each time, and by trying to remember the title that matches the theme when casting your vote, you can bring back memories of the title. The 8th edition will be held in September 2023 under the theme of "What do you think of the word 'mystery'? The 8th edition of the contest was open for voting until Wednesday, September 6, 2023, and the results were announced on Thursday, September 7, 2023!


The top title is full of the word "mystery"! The 8th results have been announced!

What do you think of the word "mystery"? Result

The results of the 8th "NES People's Poll" "What do you think of the word 'mystery' ? The results of the 8th "NES National Poll" have been announced, and the top 20 are now available on the NES 40th Anniversary Campaign website! The top 20 are almost all games with the word "riddle" in the name, although there was a lot of interest in whether titles with the word "riddle" in the name would make the list, or whether they would have a "riddle" theme!

Among them, the title that took the top spot with 32.2% of the votes was SUNSOFT's masterpiece, " Mystery of Atlantis "! It was also ranked 10th in the previous "What do you think of white cassettes? It was also ranked 10th in the previous "What do you think of white cassettes?" list, and it is a famous software title that is both a super classic and a super lost work. The second place goes to " Transformers: Convoy Mystery " and the third place goes to " Mystery of Murasame Castle." There are a lot of titles with the word "mystery" in the list, but I think many of them are of high difficulty level. I wonder if it was a tendency at the time to make games more difficult when "riddle" was attached to the title. By the way, " Sanma's Detective," which I voted for, came in 12th place with 1.2% of the vote! This is a very good performance among the top vote-getters!

What do you think of the 9th "Best BGM"? The voting started!

What do you think of the "Best BGM"?

The 8th edition is over, which means the 9th edition has begun. Voting for the 9th "NES Referendum" will begin on September 8, 2023 (Thursday)! The theme of this year's poll is "What was the best background music? The theme this time is "What was the best BGM?

BGM is a really important element of a game, and just listening to it can bring back a flood of memories. On the other hand, there are also cases where you may get sick of it because you have heard it over and over again... but that's just a memory. There are too many great songs in NES games to choose from, but please cast a clean vote for the title with the BGM that you remember! Once again, you can cast your vote by logging in to your Nintendo account and going to the "NES National Vote" page on the campaign website. If you forget the title of the game, don't worry, you can enter a part of the title and a list of candidates will appear.

The voting period for the 9th "NES People's Vote" ends at 11:59 a.m. on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and the results will be announced on Thursday, September 14, 2023! I was troubled by too many favorite music, but I voted for Konami's " Gradius " because " Beginning Of The History " is so famous! ↑↑↑↓↓←→←→←→BA!


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