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Hotel "NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO" in Akihabara opens esports gaming room from 1/27 (Thu)

秋葉原にゲーミングホテル!?「NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO」がeスポーツに最適なゲーミングルームを展開

NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO, operated by Nomura Real Estate Hotels, Ltd. in Akihabara, Tokyo, has announced that it will start offering gaming rooms where guests can experience e-sports from January 27 (Thursday).



NOHGA HOTEL aims to "connect deeply with the local community. NOHGA HOTEL is a lifestyle hotel that places importance on "connecting deeply with the local community and the wonderful experiences that come from that.
The hotel offers a wide range of contents that go beyond lodging, including furniture, fixtures, art, music, and other items that are permanently installed in the hotel in collaboration with local designers and artists, and events are held on a regular basis.
It is also the first hotel in Japan to receive the SAFEGUARD label, which is issued to facilities that meet international safety and hygiene standards.

e-Sports Initiatives


Akihabara, where Noga Hotel Akihabara is located, is one of the most prominent areas in Japan with a large concentration of e-sports related stores, including electronics retail stores, gaming PC specialty stores, and e-sports experience facilities.
Noga Hotel Akihabara has announced that it will propose a new lifestyle to people of diverse generations, using e-sports as an opportunity to spend time in this Akihabara location, in cooperation with nearby e-sports related companies, and from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, as a way of spending time in a hotel that is not dense. .
In conjunction with this project, Nomura Real Estate Hotels, Ltd. has joined the Japan eSports Union as a supporting member to contribute to the promotion and development of e-sports in the future.
In addition, Nomura Real Estate Hotels, Inc. has received notification of the decision to grant this project under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Project to Support Environmental Improvement of Guest Rooms for New Use of Accommodation Facilities," and will proceed with procedures such as reporting the results of the project in the future.

ゲーミングルームPR TIMES

Gaming Rooms

NTTe-Sports Corporation, which operates eXeField Akiba, an exchange facility in Akihabara to create a new culture and society through "ICT x e-sports," will provide consulting and supervision for the installation of e-sports equipment. NTTe-Sports Corporation, which operates eXeField Akiba, an exchange facility that creates culture and society, will provide consulting, supervision, maintenance, etc. for the introduction of e-sports equipment.

Well-equipped facilities and equipment

Akiba e-sports Gaming by NOHGA

The PC is a high-spec gaming PC, " GALLERIA ZA9C-R39 Z590 " from Third Wave Co. Gaming peripherals are mainly from the " Logitech G " gaming brand, and the gaming chair is the " Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair " jointly developed by Herman Miller Japan Inc. and Logitech. As an amenity, the guestroom refrigerator is stocked with two bottles each of two types of Monster Energy to recharge the body after long hours of play. This is the perfect environment for professional gamers and streamers.

The hotel also plans to hold various events and public viewing of video footage of the games played in the rooms in the hotel's studio, terrace, restaurant, and other spaces.

Outline of e-sports gaming room accommodation plan

Start of sales January 27, 2022 (Thursday) -
Room type Gaming Bung (21㎡) From 12,000 yen
Room Type Gaming Twin (29㎡) From 18,000 yen

Reservations can be made through the hotel's official website.


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