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"FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" new key visual release! New information and interviews with the development team!

「FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE」新キービジュアル公開!新情報や開発陣のインタビューも!

Scheduled to be released on March 3, 2020 (Friday). FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE " (FF VII Remake), a full remake of FF VII that has been long awaited around the world.
FNS 27 Hour TV: Nikko Sports is Strong! aired from November 2 to 3, 2012, and the TV commercial, which lasted more than 7 minutes, was the longest in terrestrial TV history.
A new key visual for "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" has been unveiled, and a lot of new information has been announced!

Super-beautiful key visuals revealed!

First of all, the key visuals of Aerith and Barrett have been released.
The key visuals, with graphics that have greatly evolved since the original version was released in 1997, show the progress of technology.
Those who have played FF VII will probably have something to think about in these visuals.

Aerith key visual

エアリス キービジュアル
Aerith key visual
PlayStation Blog

Barrett key visual

バレット キービジュアル
Barrett key visual
PlayStation Blog

Turks" members revealed!

Information about the members of "Turks," the investigation section of the Shinra Company's General Affairs Department, has also been released.
Turks, who are active behind the scenes, have been reborn with the latest graphics!

Leno (Voice Cast: Keiji Fujiwara)


"I told them, 'You're a professional, you have to enjoy every job you do.'"

PlayStation Blog

A member of the "Turks", the investigation section of the Shinra Company's General Affairs Department. With flaming red hair and a cynical smile, he is always aloof. He is agile and agile, and uses a variety of attacks with his special weapons.

Rude (Voice Cast: Daisuke Kusunoki)


"I owe you, partner. I'll pay you back."

PlayStation Blog

A member of the "Turks", the investigation section of the Shinra Company's General Affairs Department. He is a big man with a skinny head and sunglasses. He does not talk nonsense and performs his duties honestly. He carries no weapons and fights only with physical techniques that utilize his strong body.

Avalanche" members revealed!

The members of "Avalanche," an anti-Kamira organization that works to protect the stars, have also been revealed.
We can't wait to see how the unique "Avalanche" members will be remade!

Biggs (Voice Cast: Shuhei Sakaguchi)

PlayStation Blog

"You think we're slowing you down? Don't say that."

PlayStation Blog

A member of the anti-Kamira organization "Avalanche. He is the sharpest person on the team, and is in charge of planning operations. He calmly follows up on Barrett, who tends to get out of control in any way. He is a neat and tidy person and loves to shower and clean.

Wedge (Voice Cast: Takayuki Asai)

PlayStation Blog

"Let's see if they serve pizza, Midgal Special."

PlayStation Blog

A member of the anti-Kamira organization "Avalanche. He uses his broad face and charm to gather information and to win over opposing forces. He also plays an important role in tasting the new menu of Seventh Heaven. She is a mood-maker and an indispensable lubricant for the team.

Jesse (Voice Cast: Satomi Moriya)

PlayStation Blog

"There is a fine line between bullheadedness and stupidity. Which are you? "

PlayStation Blog

A member of the anti-Kamira organization "Avalanche. She is in charge of maintenance and supplies everything needed for the operation, from bombs to fake IDs. She is good at tinkering with machines and makes and sells water purification equipment to fund her activities. He is a good caretaker and has a thing for beautiful boys.

Classic Mode" for command battles!

The battle system in the FF VII remake differs from the original version, evolving into an action RPG style.
While many have praised the change to a more stylish and exhilarating battle system, there are also many who say that "FF must be command battle after all.
The generation that played FF in real time, including myself, are now in their 30s and 40s, so it is true that the demand for action-oriented games is becoming more and more demanding. It is a sad story.
We have just released information on the "Classic Mode," which allows us to play the game as if it were a command battle!

Classic Mode
PlayStation Blog

By changing the difficulty level to "CLASSIC" in the game, you can change the game mode to "Classic Mode".
In "Classic Mode," the character performs actions automatically and builds up the ATB gauge. The player only needs to select ATB-consuming commands such as abilities, magic, and item use to proceed with the battle.
The game difficulty can be changed at any time, so it may be a good idea to use the "Classic Mode" only in places where you just can't go any further, or in other situations.

Introducing Cloud's abilities!

A familiar system in the FF series is "Abilities.
In the FF VII remake, each character has "unique abilities" in addition to the normal "abilities" like special attacks.

This time, the main character Cloud's unique abilities have been revealed.
In Cloud's case, it is "Mode Change.
Cloud's mode changes between "Assault Mode," which offers an excellent balance of offense and defense, and "Blitz Mode," which specializes in attack.

Assault Mode
PlayStation Blog

Brave Mode" which specializes in attack

Brave Mode
PlayStation Blog

The "Brave Mode" can be switched between the "Assault Mode" and the "Brave Mode".
In "Brave Mode," the movement speed slows down, but the "Fight" button's "Strike" becomes "Hard Strike" to inflict more powerful damage.
Switch between modes according to the battle situation for a more advantageous battle.

Visuals of Cloud's abilities "Rapid Chain" and "burst bursts" have also been revealed.
Rapid Chain, which slashes enemies three times in rapid succession, increasing in power as it hits more than one enemy, and Vapor Vault, which unleashes magical sword pressure from afar.

rapid chain
PlayStation Blog

The "Vapor Bomb Blow", a long-range attack that unleashes a magical sword pressure.

bursting vibrations
PlayStation Blog

to win the battle!

Grow your weapons and make them more powerful!

Weapons can be enhanced by releasing the abilities of the Core Materia hidden within them.
As an example, Cloud's "Buster Sword" has been shown.
Strengthening a weapon can increase the character's status and expand the materia hole.

Weapon Growth
PlayStation Blog

Weapon Abilities" are set up for each weapon, and the weapon's proficiency level increases as the weapon is used.

PlayStation Blog

Learn more weapon abilities and stand out in style!

The familiar materia system

PlayStation Blog

The FF VII remake also includes the "materia" system familiar from the original version.
By attaching materia to your weapons, you can use magic and abilities, or increase your abilities.
Change the combination according to your play style and situation to gain an advantage in battle!

FF is all about summons

The FF series is known for its unique and powerful "summons.
In the FF VII Remake, you can equip "Summon Materia" and summon them when your "Summon Gauge" builds up during battle.
Basically, summoned beasts fight automatically, but they can also command special abilities by consuming their ATB Gauge.
When returning, summons will use powerful special moves before returning, so summon them whenever you can!

The "Chocobo & Mowgli" summoner, a team of popular characters from the FF series, has been unveiled.

chocobo and mogul
PlayStation Blog

Despite their cute appearance, they are nice summonses that unleash their "Mogbakudan" ability on enemies without mercy.

chocobo and mogul
PlayStation Blog

Beautifully evolved locations!

In the FF VII remake, not only the characters, but also the locations have evolved with beautiful graphics.
There are locations that could not be explored in the original version, so let's explore the world that has been created down to the last detail!
The "Church of Slum" and "Aerith's House," two old churches located on the outskirts of the Corporal Street Slum, have been released, and you can see just how beautifully they have been reborn.

The Church of Slum

church of slum
PlayStation Blog

Aerith's House

house of aerith
PlayStation Blog

New elements only in the remake

The "remake" does not just mean that the original version has been beautifully remade.
In addition to the aforementioned locations, new elements have been added!
In addition to the aforementioned locations, new elements have been added!

PlayStation Blog

There are also different situations in the game, such as riding a motorcycle tandem with Jesse in a motorcycle battle to escape from Shinra's pursuers.

Bike Battle
PlayStation Blog

Even those who played the original game can play it with a new feeling.

An enthusiastic message from the developers

The FF VII remake includes not only the staff of the original version, but also many creators of the new generation who played the original version at the time.
While there are many messages from the developers, here is a message from Yoshinori Kitase, a producer.

Yoshinori Kitase, Producer

北瀬 佳範
Yoshinori Kitase
PlayStation Blog

When I traveled around the world promoting the "FINAL FANTASY XIII" series for several years starting in 2009, I had the opportunity to talk to many media and fans. Will you make it? "When are you going to make a remake of VII? It was like a greeting, so I would answer before they could even say anything else. If we were to remake it now, it would be a huge amount of data and it would take years to complete. But we might do it someday when the "time" comes! "This was the response I answered hundreds of times at that time.

I want to say this out loud now to the people I met at that time. That "time" has finally come. ...... I am sure you will agree with me.

The staff of the original work, including myself as Producer, Tetsuya Nomura as Director, Motomu Toriyama as Co-Director, and Kazunari Nojima as Scenario Director, continue to be involved in this work as core members. On the other hand, Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi and others who were only fans of "FFVII" at the time are now participating as key staff members. To my delight, the news of the "FFVII Remake" production has attracted a generation of young creators from all over the world. While keeping the spirit of the original, the power of the new generation is about to give birth to a work that will exceed even my imagination, even though I was the one who initiated the project.

In fact, I may be the one who is looking forward to playing it the most.

PlayStation Blog

There are many more messages from the development team, so be sure to check them out on the PlayStation Blog!
You will be touched by their passion for the FF VII remake!

The game will be released on March 3, 2020!


FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2020 (Friday).
It is no exaggeration to say that FF VII is the most popular of the FF series, and the world is looking forward to this full remake after 23 years.
New information will be released one after another, so don't forget to check the official "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" website for more information!


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