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Samspi additional characters "Shinkyo Namina" "Kazema Sozuki" "Iroha" announced at EVO Japan 2020!

サムスピ追加キャラ「真鏡名ミナ」「風間蒼月」「いろは」をEVO Japan 2020で発表!

SAMURAI SPIRITS, aka SAMURAI SPIRITS, announced the new characters to be added in Season Pass 2 at EVO Japan 2020 on January 25, 2020.

A very excited audience!

Fangler Games was at EVO Japan 2020 when the announcement was made, and many in the audience were cheering.

Mina Magamina had already been announced as an additional character, but now "Sougetsu Kazama" and "Iroha" were officially announced, along with another "??" and one other character will be added.

While "Mina Magana" was already announced and "Sougetsu Kazama" was expected, I couldn't help but shout out when "Iroha" was announced.

Details of each character are as follows.

Mina Mamina Magaki

Mina Makagami

Mina Magakina Mina is a character from "Samurai Spirits Zero" and a goddess of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
She is also placed at the center of the design on the "SNK x Okinawa Charity T-Shirt" that SNK sold as part of the Shuri Castle Reconstruction Charity.

Kazama Sougetsu

eighth lunar month

Kazama Sougetsu is the elder brother of Kazama Hizuki and Kazama Hazuki, and has appeared in "Samurai Spirits Amakusa Descent.

He is a Kazama-style ninja and uses water-based techniques targeted against Hazetsu.

In "Amakusa Descent," Kazazama Sougetsu became a "Hazatsu Shinobi" to save Hazuki, and Sougetsu became a "Oshinobi" to pursue Kazatsuki, so they are brothers, but in this work, the setting is different, so I wonder what kind of relationship they have.


traditional ordering of the Japanese syllabary

Iroha is a crane that appeared in "Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kengakuden".

It is a crane that is in human form but disguised as a human.

He fights with a large two-piece sword called Houin and Houzui.


Season Pass 2 will be available in February!

Season Pass 2 will be offered in February. Mina Shinkagami will be added at the same time as Season Pass 2, but other characters will be added sequentially and the timing is yet to be determined.

Check the official Samurai Spirits website and SNK's official Twitter to keep up with additional information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21641サムスピ追加キャラ「真鏡名ミナ」「風間蒼月」「いろは」をEVO Japan 2020で発表!
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