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The contents of the new mode "Power Park" of "eBASEBALL Pawafuru Puro Baseball 2022" are released!


eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Baseball 2022" (hereafter "Power Pro 2022"), the latest title in the "Power Pro" series, will be released on April 21, 2022 (Thursday) on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
The newest title in the Pawapuro series will feature popular modes such as "Success" and "Crown Nine," of course, but the newer the game, the more comfortable it will be to play, and that alone should give you high expectations!
One of the most talked-about features is that the "Pennant Race" can now be played for an unlimited number of years, instead of the previous limit of 30 years!
If you're a Power Pro fan, I'm sure you've felt frustrated at one time or another not being able to see the success of a player you joined after nearly 30 years! In PowerPro 2022, you can make your players as active as you want.
One thing that is interesting is the new "Power Park" mode that was unveiled at the time of the announcement.
There was no information about this new mode, except that it would be an easy-to-use online battle mode that would be different from traditional action matches, but now the details have been revealed!


Challenge attractions with players you've trained!


The new "Power Park" mode is a theme park where original players gather to compete online in various attractions.
It is a new place for original players created in Success, PowerFest, and Crown Nine modes.
Under the guidance of mascot characters Happy ( left) and Wonder ( right), players from all over Japan will gather at the theme park, where they can easily enjoy a new type of "baseball" online competition!

Happy (left), Wonder (right)

The first attraction that will be available as of April 21, 2022 (Thursday), when the game launches, is " Sushi Survival "!
This attraction is based on the motif of sushi conveyor belt, where players pick out the plates on which their opponents are placed and win their turn to compete.
Not only teams created by other players, but also "Success" teams and professional baseball teams will be coming to the game, so it will be very important to choose the right plate.
The " KAITEN Sushi Dome," an original ballpark for "Sushi Survival," will also be available, so let's look forward to seeing how the attraction will play out!


More attractions coming with the update!

As you may have guessed from the introduction of "Sushi Survival" as the first attraction, we have announced that the "Power Park" will be updated sequentially to add new competitive attractions!
The " Powerful Royale," where you create a team of original players and aim for the top of 64 teams in an automated match, and the " Power Colo Col osseum," where you fight with original players who have been turned into pencils and turned into balls, are scheduled to open. Just by listening to the description, it already sounds interesting! I can't wait to hear more!


With not only the new "Power Park" mode, but also the power-up of the popular standard modes, Power Pro 2022 is sure to be the pinnacle of the Power Pro series!
This is a great title for fans of the series, of course, but for those of you who are interested but haven't played yet, this is the perfect place to start your Power Pro journey.
For more information on PowerPro 2022, please visit the official website!


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