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Expansion Pass 1st "Isolated Island of Armor" is now available! A special Max Raid where you can get the different color "Zeraora" is also held at the same time!


Dear Pocket Monsters fans around the world.
The time has come to move from the slow life of paying off debt on a deserted island to the giant isolated island of "Yoroi Island" floating in the sea.
The first expansion pass for the "Pokémon Sword Shield," the first additional paid downloadable content for the "Pokémon" series, "Isle of Armor, " will be available from June 17, 2020! The distribution of the first expansion pass, "The Lost Island of Armor," is now available!
If you own "Pokémon Sword Shield" or are just starting out, get in on the big wave and start a new adventure!


Max Raid Battles to be held to obtain a different-colored phantom Pokémon "Zeraora"!

From midnight on Thursday, June 18, 2020 to 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 29, 2020, the phantom Pokémon " Zeraora" will appear in the "Max Raid Battle," a den where giant Pokémon appear!
Zeraoraora is an electric-type phantom Pokémon that first appeared in the seventh generation of the Pokémon series, "Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon.

Phantom Pokémon "Zeraora
Phantom Pokémon Zeraora

Unfortunately, Zeraora is not available in Max Raid Battles, but if more than 1 million trainers defeat Zeraora during this period, the trainer's skill will be recognized and a different color Zeraora will appear on "Pokémon HOME". If the trainers defeat the "Zeraora" during this period, they will be recognized and a different colored "Zeraora" will join them at "Pokémon HOME.
Since Zeraora is a very rare Pokémon that could only be obtained by going to see the movie version of Pokémon that was being shown at the time, it has been receiving a great response on Twitter and other social networking sites.

Phantom Pokémon "Zeraora" Get the wrong color campaign

After reaching 1 million trainers, for every 100,000 trainers who beat Zeraora, one " Yoroi Kousaku " will be given away, which can be used for a variety of purposes in the game.
The maximum number of "Yoroi Koseki" will be 10 (for 2 million trainers), so let's go out and search for "Zeraora" to reach the 2 million mark!
During this period, "Zeraora" may appear if the number of stars in the upper left corner of the Max Raid Battle game screen is 3 or more.
Among them, a very powerful "Zeraora" of a different color may appear from Max Raid Battles with 5 stars!

Phantom Pokémon "Zeraora" in different colors

The Max Raid battles with different-colored "Zeraora" are very exciting, and we can't wait to see what kind of rewards we can get from them.

What are the conditions for receiving a different-colored "Zeraora" and "Yoroi Koseki"?

The different-colored "Zeraora" and "Yoroi Koseki" will be available in the "Mysterious Departures" section of the smartphone version of "Pokémon HOME" from June 30 (Tue.) at 9:00 a.m. until July 7 (Tue.) at 9:00 a.m. The gifts will be sent to "Mysterious gifts" in the smartphone version of "Pokémon HOME.
To receive the gift, more than one million trainers must defeat "Zeraora," and in addition, they must also send the gift between "Pokémon HOME" and "Pokémon Sword Shield" from midnight on June 18 (Thursday) to July 7 (Tuesday). Sword Shield" between "Pokémon HOME" and "Pokémon Sword Shield" during the period from midnight on Thursday, June 18 to Tuesday, July 7.
In order to fulfill the conditions during this period, you should use "Pokémon HOME" in advance.
For information on how to deposit and withdraw Pokémon between the "Pokémon" series on Nintendo Switch and "Pokémon HOME," please visit the official "Pokémon HOME" website.

7-day trial "Nintendo Switch Online" tickets are being distributed for a limited time!

If you haven't played Pokémon in a while but can't play multiplayer because you haven't subscribed to "Nintendo Switch Online", this is good news for you!
For a limited time, you can get a "Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket" from 22:00 on Wednesday, June 17 until 24:00 on July 7, with a "Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket"" from My Nintendo Gift. The special offer allows users to redeem the "Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket"" for 0 Platinum Points instead of the usual 100 Platinum Points!

"Nintendo Switch Online"無料7日体験
Free 7-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online

This special offer is also available to those who have already tried the free trial on the Nintendo eShop and will be able to try "Nintendo Switch Online" again for free.
If you are not a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you will not be able to play Max Raid Battle in multiplayer mode, so why not take this opportunity to try out the free trial and challenge "Zeraoraora" with your friends, family, and people around the world? We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Enjoy the first expansion pass, "Isle of Armor"!

Finally, the long-awaited first expansion pass for "Pokémon Sword Shield", "The Lost Island of Armor", is now available!
I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited to see what kind of adventures I can have in this new setting!
There is also a campaign to obtain a different-colored Zeraora, so why don't you enjoy the adventure and get involved in the Max Raid battles?
For more details, please see the topics on Nintendo's official website.


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"Pokémon HOME" service is now available! Take past Pokémon on a journey!
"Pokémon HOME" service is now available! Take past Pokémon on a journey!...

"Pokemon HOME" which announced that it was expected to start servicing in February, 2020, and also opened a official site the other day Pokemon is lef

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