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Don't miss the moment of victory! "Pokemon Japan No.1 Decisive Battle 2020 Champion Decisive Battle" delivery decision!

優勝の瞬間を見逃すな!「ポケモン日本一決定戦2020 王者決定戦」配信決定!

Pokémon Sword Shield ", the latest title in the "Pokémon" series, is currently on sale on Nintendo Switch.
In June, the first expansion of the " Expansion Pass " was released and the second expansion, "Crowned Snowfield," is scheduled to be released in the fall.
Pokémon is an RPG, so of course it is fun to play alone, but its true value lies in Pokémon batt les with friends and rivals!
In my generation of Pokemon (Red and Green), it was necessary to connect GBs with a communication cable to play against each other, but nowadays you can play Pokemon battles with people far away from you via the Internet. The power of chemistry is amazing!
So even in these days when online events are difficult due to the Corona disaster, you can still hold a tournament online!
The "Pokémon Japan Tournament 2020," for which the preliminary round was held in June and the main tournament in August, will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2020 to determine the champion!
The tournament will be streamed on the Internet!


The best Sword & Shield will be decided!

Pokémon Japan's No. 1 Championship 2020

The " Pokémon Japan Tournament 2020: Champion Determination " will be held to determine the strongest Pokémon Sword Shield in Japan.
There will be three categories: "Junior Category," "Senior Category," and "Master Category," and the four winners of each category will compete in Pokémon battles!
The battle will be between trainers who have passed the qualifying rounds and the main tournament and advanced to the championship, so you can be sure to see the best battles in Japan!
The event will be broadcast on Saturday, August 22, 2020 from around 10:00 for the Junior Category, 13: 00 for the Senior Category, and 16: 00 for the Master Category, and will be available on Nico Nico Live and YouTube Live! You can watch them on Nico Nico Live and YouTube Live!
Let's see the moment when the strongest in Japan will be decided with your own eyes!

Tritodon will be given away to viewers!

The Pokémon battles in the "Pokémon Japan's Best 2020 Championship" alone are sure to be a lot of fun, but there will also be a gift for the viewers of the broadcast!
The winner of the Master Category in the Game Division of the "Pokémon Japan Championships 2019" held last year, Hirofumi Kimura(@hirosipoke ) aka Ka-Air, used " Tritodon (Higashi no Umi )," which contributed greatly to his victory! Tritodon (Higashi no Umi)," which was used by Hirohumi Hira (@hirosipoke) and contributed greatly to his victory.

The method of the giveaway will be announced during the live broadcast on the day of the event, and since the giveaway will take place during the live broadcast, the giveaway may be over by the time you watch the time-shifted episode!
Also, please note that you can only receive "Pokémon Monster Sword Shield" and not other series!
Watch in real time to get the champion Pokémon!

Pokémon to be presented
Pokémon Tritodon (The Sea of the East)
Gender Hymen
Level 50
parents Ka Yele
special characteristics emergency water
possessions(DCR) Tatujin no Bodhi
Moves protection, naminori, reitou beam, daichi no chikara (power of daichi)
Tritodon (Higashi no Umi)

Who will be the Champion!

The "Pokémon Japan Tournament 2020" will be the first online tournament to determine the best Pokémon Sword Shield player in Japan.
Therefore, the winner of this year's tournament will be the first champion!
The first generation will be handed down to future generations, so it will be a precious experience to be able to watch the moment of its birth in real time.
Who in the world will be the winner! And how will the Tritodon be received? Let's find out with our own eyes on the day!
For more details, please visit the "Pokemon Japan's Best Tournament 2020" special site!


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