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New operators "SENS" and "Shooting Range" have been added! Year7 of "R6S" Season 2 "Operation Vector Glare" is now available!

新オペレーター「SENS」や「射撃練習場」が追加!「R6S」のYear7 シーズン2「Operation Vector Glare」配信開始!

Rainbow Six Siege ( R6S), a tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft, Inc.
The "X-Moment Rainbow Six Japan League" has been very active in Japan, and the "X-Moment Rainbow Six Japan League 2022" Season 1 Playoff Stage 2, held on June 4 and 5, 2022, was a great success. Playoff Stage 2 was held on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, and was the first offline tournament in a long time.
Operation Vector Glare," Season 2 of Year 7, is coming to R6S!
In addition to the new operator SENS, the game will be updated with a new shooting range, reverse friendly fire, privacy mode, and other updates to make the game easier to play.

やっぱり有観客オフライン大会は最高!R6Sの日本国内リーグ「RJL2022」Season1 Playoff Stage2現地レポート!

Year7 Season 2 "Operation Vector Glare".

New Operator "SENS
"レインボーシックス シージ"公式サイト

The new operators are the ones to watch out for.
The attack operator " SENS " from Belgium is designed as a low speed and high durability operator.
The main weapon of choice is the new POF-9 assault rifle or the 417 Marksman rifle.
The new assault rifle "POF-9" has a 50-round capacity, but the recoil is quite strong, so the recoil and attachment may need to be adjusted.

The " R.O.U. Projector System " is a small projector that rolls across the ground and deploys a screen.
It can block multiple projectiles at once, making it suitable for rushing.
It can also pass through drone mouths, steel frames, and reflect off walls, making it a very powerful ability, depending on your map research!

The long-awaited "Firing Range" has been implemented!

Firing range
"レインボーシックス シージ"公式サイト

The "Firing Range" can be accessed from the learning area of the play menu!
There are two types of lanes: a recoil lane where you can check the scatter pattern of bullets due to recoil when firing, and a damage lane where you can check the amount of damage when bullets hit each part of the enemy.
Also, you can use operators and their weapons that have not been deactivated, nice touch!
What a generous offer to try out operators before they are deactivated!

Update to improve playability!

Improved playability
"レインボーシックス シージ"公式サイト

The privacy option allows you to create and display temporary nicknames and hide your avatar!
In addition, you can change the display name of other players, which will be a recommended option when live-streaming.

" Reverse Friendly Fire " will be implemented as part of the rating system.
Reverse Friendly Fire" will be enabled for players who are detected abusing Friendly Fire across multiple matches, with the aim of reducing frustration for teammates.
A feature will also be released during Season 2 that will allow players to see how many matches they have left to penalize.

"We have also added a new setting called Screen Shake Intensity.
This setting will completely eliminate screen shaking caused by explosives!
It is advisable to turn off the "intensity of screen shaking" option, as it affects the visibility of enemies.

In addition, many changes and additions have been released, such as an increase in the volume when crouching and the addition of a "Close Quarter Battle" map dedicated to Team Deathmatch.
For more information on Year 7 Season 2 "Operation Vector Glare", please visit the official R6S website.


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