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【TGS2019】SEGA"Yakuza:Like a Dragon"New System Released!


The editorial team of Saiga NAK has also infiltrated the "Tokyo Game Show 2019" (TGS2019) being held at Makuhari Messe.
We went to the "Yakuza7: Like a Dragon" stage presentation at the Sega Games Atlus booth, and would like to report on the event.

Mr. Nagoshi, the general director of Yakuza 7, appeared on stage!

When it comes to "Yakuza", you can't go wrong with this guy! Toshihiro Nagoshi, the general director of "Yakuza", appeared on stage to give us information about "Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon"! Mr. Nagoshi is a very cool guy to see live.
First of all, a new trailer was shown!

The rice grains and soup left on the beef bowl are so realistic! I can feel the attention to detail of the production team, and I can't help but grin when I see it.

Summary of the work

This system is a legitimate numbered title that has taken a major step forward. However, the series' unique worldview and the main character with a manly and appealing personality are the same as the previous titles in the series, and the drama that develops as the player gets involved in a variety of situations is also carried over.
The new setting is "Isezaki Ijinmachi, Yokohama"! The area is three times the size of Tokyo's Kamurocho, and the story is intertwined with Yokohama's unique cityscape with its various expressions.
And the tie-in music is by Yasutaka Nakata and Shonan no-Kaze!

Yasutaka Nakata and Shonan no-Kaze provide the music

Yasutaka Nakata is known for his collaborations with Perfume and other female artists, but this time he teamed up with Shonan no-Kaze to provide the music. In fact, Director Nagoshi was undergoing heart surgery and was unable to attend meetings, and at one point thought about refusing, but Yasutaka Nakata came to the hospital for a meeting, which led to the creation of this work.

Also, this series is known for its splendid cast of actors! Shinichi Tsutsumi, Kiichi Nakai, and Ken Yasuda appear in this film. This time, instead of forcing more guest actors, we decided to enhance the perfection of the three actors.

And here comes Kazuhiro Nakatani, who plays Kasuga Ichiban, in the same outfit as in the film! He was just as passionate as the characters and visited the motion capture site.

Completely New Game System

When "Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon" was first announced, the game system was controversial, both for good and bad.
A game trailer summarizing not only the game system, but also the reincarnated parts of the game has been released.

The concept of this new genre of RPG is command-based, but with a real-time feel. Not only allies but also enemies move around organically, so the situation changes from moment to moment, and you need to think about how your character will behave in such a situation.
Another interesting feature is the job change system. The main character is a Dracula lover, and to his surprise, he can change his job at Hello Work to become a dancer, a host, a bouncer, and so on. Changing careers is not easy, and one of the fun parts is figuring out how to build up one's skills and "career path".

There are also plenty of entertainment elements, such as dragon cart races, fighting sleepiness at a famous movie theater, and playing with actual pachislot machines created in collaboration with Universal Entertainment and Sammy!
Of course, there are also cabarets and other games from previous series.
The intersection of the serious and comedic parts of the game makes the storyline more lively, and I think it is a system that will keep players entertained for a long time.

Introducing the battle system by playing the game on a real machine

The producer will now introduce the new system while playing the demo himself.

The development team of this work
Saiga NAK編集部

The situation of the city, enemies, and characters change from moment to moment. The characters move on their own and the situation changes, so even if you choose the same command, you will not necessarily get the same result.
The system also makes it easy to be good or bad in that sense.

For example, if a weak enemy (catch) is nearby and a strong character (veteran host) is far away, it is necessary to strategize based on the situation, such as defeating the enemy veteran who can recover first, rather than simply attacking the nearby enemy, to advance the battle situation. Items in town can be used as weapons, but depending on the position of your allies, bicycles that could be used as weapons may be knocked down and become useless, or a "ranged attack" may involve your allies depending on their position. The tempo of the battle is very important.
The sense of tempo is very important in battles, and it will be very exhilarating to be able to fight brawls quickly.

Gorgeous Guests on stage!

Eri Kamataki, winner of the grand prix for the supporting actress audition, Sumire Sawa, and Iroha Yanagi, winners of the special prize, appeared on stage! All three will appear in the main game!

Supporting Actresses: From left to right: Sumire Sawa, Eri Kamataki, Iroha Yanagi
Saiga NAK編集部

Eri Kamataki, the grand prize winner, will appear as a party member! President of Ichiban Seika?
Sumire Sawa and Iroha Yanagi will be supporting the main character Kasuga Ichiban in some way.
All three will be at the Sega Games Atlus booth during TGS2019 in the photo booth, so be sure to stop by!

You can try out the game at TGS2019!

The demo version of "Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon" will be available at the Sega Games Atlas booth at TGS2019.
If you are attending TGS2019, please come and experience the reborn "Yakuza".

A work that captivated me from start to finish

The opening trailer showed a serious storyline and a new battle system with ever-changing situations.
The actors and actresses in the supporting cast are all very attractive. How in the world does the new job change system relate to the story? It was an exciting presentation.
Check out the second day of TGS 2019 for a more in-depth introduction to the battle system and job change system!

【TGS2019】Storm of romance in Taisho cherry blossoms!
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The highlight for me at this year's Tokyo Game Show was the chance to try out this new title! Report of the tryout and how I played the game "New Sa