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Senior eSports Association", a new sports culture for seniors, is in full swing!


The " Senior eSports Association " was established on January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) to promote the development of " eSports " as a sport culture that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender, and will be fully launched in April 2023.

A new sports culture for seniors

General Incorporated Association Senior eSports Association

The activities of the Senior eSports Association will begin in earnest in April 2023, with the aim of promoting e-sports, which is attracting attention as a sport that can be enjoyed equally by men and women of all ages.

Senior eSports Association Comments

With the aim of supporting as many people as possible to lead long and healthy lives, we will promote the development of e-sports as a "barrier-free sport" with the aim of fostering a sports culture that can be enjoyed by all.


Longer healthy life expectancy through e-sports

e-sports is expected to activate the brain and improve cognitive functions. Expectations are also rising for the prevention of dementia and an increase in healthy life expectancy, which will enable people to live longer and healthier lives!

Community development through e-sports!

The Senior eSports Association is planning to develop a new community for seniors both online and offline, by promoting senior-only tournaments andleague practices to create a place to compete.

The activities of the Senior eSports Association are sure to expand new connections that are different from the communities of the past. For more information on future activities and events, check the official website of the Senior eSports Association!


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