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round... one... Fi! Street Fighter Official also distributes virtual background of Strike II & V for free!


While various companies are distributing virtual backgrounds that can be used for videoconferences, etc., that game that seems to be absolutely in demand has not distributed any virtual backgrounds.
I was wondering when they would do it, but now the Street Fighter community has finally started distributing free virtual backgrounds!
And they're available in both "Street Fighter II " and " Street Fighter V "!

オレたちのSNKがバーチャル背景第2弾を無料配布!今度は美麗グラフィック!NEOGEO BARも!

From nostalgic images to the latest ones!

This time, we've started distributing the stages of Ryu, Dhalsim, Balrog, and Vega from "Street Fighter II ", " Suzaku Castle ", " Lair of the Four Kings", and "Kasugugai" from "Street Fighter V". Kings ", " Kasugano Residence " and " The Grid " from "Street Fighter V".
Both the nostalgic dots of Strike II and the latest graphics of Strike V are hard to ignore.
You can use "The Grid" from Strike V as a background to create a stoic feel. Or use the Balrog stage from Strike II as a background to create a party atmosphere.
The possibilities are endless!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.