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NINJA RATMAT familiar with gaming iron plate recruits modelers and sampling staff of "prototype metal mouse sole"!

ゲーミング鉄板でお馴染みのNINJA RATMATが「試作メタルマウスソール」のモデラー及びサンプリングスタッフ募集!

NINJA RATMAT ", the well-known super flat metal mousepad for gaming
We at Saiga NAK had the opportunity to cover the "NINJA RATMAT" series at TGS2019 and actually used the "NINJA RATMAT" series TOU, and we were impressed by how smooth it was and how advanced the processing technology is.
NINJA RATMAT", which has such high technology, has recruited modelers and sampling staff for the development of " Prototype Metal Mouse Sole "!

Super flat mouse pad "NINJA RATMAT"

What is a "metal mouse sole"?

What is a " mouse sole " anyway? It is a clog-like part attached to the bottom of the mouse.
Generally, it is made of plastic, etc., and this part touches the mouse pad when operating the mouse.
The material, size, height, etc. varies from mouse to mouse, and it can be said that this part has a considerable influence on operability.

As the name suggests, the "metal mouse sole" is made of metal.
It is developed for cloth mouse pads and is made of a high-hardness material.

Modelers and sampling staff wanted!

NINJA RATMAT is looking for modelers and sampling staff to work with us on the development of the "Metal Mouse Sole" and to provide accurate advice.

We are looking for people who are highly interested in the NINJA RATMAT project and who share the same vision.

  • All over Japan
  • Must have a Twitter account.
  • Must be able to sign an outsourcing contract (including non-disclosure agreement).
  • Players with some knowledge of the e-sports industry and knowledge of device operation who can provide accurate advice.
  • Those who can advise targeting a wide range of gamers, rather than development based on personal preferences.
  • Those who play FPS, MMO, or other competitions that require intense mouse control and precision in AIM, etc.
  • Working adults or university students who can communicate in general (this project is a business).
  • Able to communicate with us online or by phone on weekdays.
  • Those who are willing to try the trial product speedily and contact us quickily with their impressions.
  • You must be able to provide us with your weekday contact information and available contact hours.
  • We will not hire anyone who denies the existence of the metal mouse pad.

And if hired, the benefits will include...

  • Salary will not be generated at this time (see below, provided in-kind).
  • Provision of one set of prototype metal mouse soles (in some cases, products will be provided for each prototype).
  • Provision of one set of products for sale after completion
  • All transportation expenses will be paid (when visiting our company, as the case may be)
  • Insurance None

No insurance, etc.

Only 10 applicants are needed!

The number of modelers and sampling staff for the "Prototype Metal Mouse Sole" is limited to 10 people!
It seems that the selection will be made by "NINJA RATMAT" staff, not on a first-come, first-served basis.

I checked the "Prototype Metal Mouse Sole" development modeler and sampling staff application form and found that it was closed as of yesterday....

Unfortunately, the "NINJA RATMAT" staff has selected 10 elite members to create the "Metal Mouse Sole".


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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