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New Mii Fighter Costume and amiibo will be released! Mikera's creeper, pig walking on two legs! ?


Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL " announces the entry of " Minecraft " characters as the seventh paid content addition.
Funglr Games has already introduced the features and usage of the new " Steve/Alex " fighters, but now they have also announced six new Mii fighter costumes and three new amiibo that will be released in 2021!


New Mii Fighter Costumes

Miiファイターコスチューム 第7弾
Mii Fighter Costume Vol. 7

New " Mii Fighter Cost umes" will be added to the game on October 14, 2020 (Wednesday), at the same time as the release of the 7th additional paid content!
In addition to Creeper, Pig, andDiamond Sobi from "Minecraft", Gill from "Tower of Druaga ",Bomberman from "Bomberman ", andTravis from "No More Heroes", a total of 6 new costumes will be available! No More Heroes" and Travis from "No More Heroes.
Don't miss the four-legged creeper in "Minecraft" and the pig fighting on two legs!

Creeper, pig, and Dia Sobi from "Minecraft

Creeper's hat + clothes
Pig's hat + clothes
Diamond Sobi's Helmet + Bog

Gill from "Tower of Druaga

Gill's helmet + armor

Bomberman from "Bomberman

Bomberman's hat + clothing

Travis from "No More Heroes

Travis's hat + suit

Bomberman costumes can be color-changed to black or red by changing the " color " of the Mii fighter !
Change out various costumes and create your own Mii fighter!

Distribution will begin on October 14, 2020 (Wednesday ), the same day as the 7th additional paid content! The price is 81 yen each (tax included).
Please note that the "Fighter Pass Vol. 2," which includes all six new fighters and stages, does not include the additional Mii fighter costumes.
For more information on the additional content, check out the official Nintendo website!

The six fighters from "Fighter Pass Vol. 1" are now available as amiibo!

The fighters that have been distributed as additional content for a fee are now available as amiibo!
The first two, Joker and Yusha, have been on sale to rave reviews, and now the second amiibo, Banjo & Kazooie,Terry, andBeret, have been announced!

Banjo & Kazooie from "Banjo & Kazooie
"ファイアーエムブレム 風花雪月"よりベレト

Now we have a full lineup of fighters in the "Fighter Pass Vol. 1," which includes new fighters, new stages, and more.
Even if you don't have the fighters as additional content, you can call them up and train them as a "figure player " in the game.

The amiibo kills two birds with one stone: it can be played as new content and appreciated as a figure.
Might a "Fighter Pass Vol. 2" fighter appear at some point?
The amiibo will be priced at 1,650 yen each ( tax included) and will be released in 2021.
For more information on amiibo, including the three announced this time, please visit the official amiibo website.


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