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Street Fighter 6" additional character "Ed" will join the game on February 27! Gameplay Trailer Released!


Capcom Co., Ltd. has released a gameplay trailer for " Ed," the third additional character for " Street Fighter 6 " Year 1. The third character "Ed" will be available on February 27, 2024 (Tuesday ).


Gameplay trailer of the third additional character for Year 1, "Ed", is now available.

A gameplay trailer for "Ed," the third additional character announced for Year 1, has been released.

Ed is a young man who manipulates psycho power. Due to Shadaloo's experiments, he has grown rapidly from a young boy. He is on a journey to free other experimental subjects. His short temper and foul mouth are the result of Balrog's training.


  • Dislikes : Idealistic people, M.Bison, injections
  • Likes : Boxing and winning completely
  • Height : 182cm
  • Weight : 86kg


Ed (Cv. Hiroyuki Yoshino), who first appeared in the previous Street Fighter V, was captured by S.I.N. as a research material for the spare body of M.Bison, a boss character who represented the series in the past. After Seth is defeated, Ed is rescued by Balrog from the collapsing lab and redeems himself, forming Neo Shadaloo with other experimental subjects to help others in the same predicament. In "Street Fighter 6," Ed learns of the disturbing activities of the remnants of Shadaloo and their need for Ed's abilities to help them achieve their own refracted ambitions.


"Ed's" technique input has been simplified from the previous work, allowing him to perform techniques with modern controls. The simplified technique input has been incorporated into the modern controls, and the classic controls have been adjusted so that players can enjoy playing "Ed" with command input.


The "Psycho-Flicker," a move introduced in the previous title, can be turned into a "Flicker Combination" for a three-hit combo, while the "Psycho-Knuckle"" can be used to deliver a strong punch. The "Psychon Knuckle" can be activated by holding down a strong punch.


The level 1 Super Art "Psycho Storm" launches a high-speed barrage of "Flicker Jabs" to knock down opponents, while the level 2 Super Art "Psycho Cannon" launches a multi-hit sphere of psycho power to create combos and coordination opportunities. combos and linkups. The level 3 Super Art "Psycho-Chamber" uses psychic power to bind the opponent's limbs and deliver a powerful barrage of blows.

Ed's Psycho Power was mastered during the World Tour!


During the World Tour, you will be able to bond with "Ed" as you would with any other character, and learn a variety of techniques that utilize Psycho Power. Bring the techniques you learn to the avatar battles in the Battle Hub and unleash new combos against rivals from around the world.

About Ed's Design - Director Nakayama

He is a boxer with a sense of speed. His feet are clean to show off his nimble footwork. The upper body is voluminous to show off his punch. The emblem on his chest and the design on his back are also worth paying attention to. The attack motion has also changed significantly from the previous work. In keeping with the tradition of the boxer character, all attacks are now punches (except for SA2). The classic control kick button is now a variety of flicker attacks.


New "Ruined Lab" stage!


A new stage, "Ruined Lab," will be introduced to coincide with "Ed's" entry. In the aftermath of Shadaloo's collapse, the laboratory is in ruins, and several experimental subjects, boti, have been placed there. If you purchase the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, the new stage "Ruined Lab" will be automatically added after the update, so you can control Ed in the new stage!

Ed" will be available from Tuesday, February 27th!


Street Fighter 6 "Ed", the third additional character for Year 1, will be available on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 17:00. The character will be available for Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition purchasers, and will also be available in the "Street Fighter V" story costume homage "Ed". quot;Outfit 2", an homage to the "Street Fighter V" storyline costume, will also be available for purchase. Outfit 2" can also be obtained by completing certain conditions on the World Tour.

Get Ready for エド!
Get Ready for Ed!

To commemorate Ed's arrival, the "Get Ready for Ed! Fighting Pass" is now available. The "Get Ready for Ed! Fighting Pass" allows you to get Ed's stamps, photo frames, and avatar equipment. The distribution will last until Thursday, February 22, 2024, so don't forget to get your rewards!

Convenient features have also been added!


In addition, with this update, the icon settings for the pad when playing on the PC version can now be changed to the PlayStation controller button icons. In addition, a "photo light" function has been added to the photo mode, making it easier to take pictures in dark places. Light up your characters to make them more attractive! For more information, please visit the official "Street Fighter 6" website.


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