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YuruGege surpasses 3 million downloads! Commemorative event "Thank you very much! 3 million downloads! "Will hold!


Ponos Corporation's " YuruGeGeGe," a slapstick tower defense game for smartphones featuring the cute "GeGeGe no Kitaro" characters designed in a loose style, is now available in the " YuruGeGe," or " Loose GeGeGe no Kitaro: Yokai Slapstick War.
YuruGeGeGe has now been downloaded more than 3 million times! Congratulations!

To commemorate this milestone, we are holding a special event to celebrate the 3 millionth download: " Great Appreciation! " has been held to commemorate the 3 million downloads!
The event includes a free commemorative gacha, a special login bonus, a step-up gacha with the limited character " Vampire Johnny ", and much more!

Celebrate 3 million downloads!

Super Luxurious Event!

In commemoration of the 3 millionth download of "YuruGeGeGe", a special event called "Thanks a lot! " will run from 11:00 a.m. on September 18, 2020 (Friday) to 10:59 a.m. on October 1, 2020 (Thursday )!
We will introduce you to special login bonuses, commemorative gachas, the return of "Vampire Johnny" with new abilities, step-up gachas, and much more!

Rare Ticket Present!

You can get a "Rare Ticket" when you log in to "YuruGeGeGe" during the event period!
This is a chance to draw gacha for free. Don't forget to receive it!

Login Bonus to get the commemorative gacha tickets!

A login bonus will be held to give you up to 5 " 3 M illion Anniversary Gacha Tickets"!
The "3 Millionth Anniversary Gacha Ticket" is a special ticket for the "3 Millionth Download Commemorative Gacha" which gives you a fixed prize of Very Rare or higher.

The "3 Million Download Commemorative Gacha" will be a special ticket that allows you to enter the "3 Million Download Commemorative Gacha", a gacha with a 30% chance of Super Rare items.

You won't believe it's a free gacha!

Use the "3 Million Commemorative Gacha Ticket" obtained by logging in during the event period to try the " 3 Million Download Commemorative Gacha " that will give you a guaranteed Super Rare or higher!
You can draw up to 5 times, and the odds of getting a Super Rare item are 10% for the 1st~4th draws and 30% for the 5th draw!
Please check the details of the gacha in the game to see which characters will appear!

A "Special Stage" to Commemorate 3 Million Downloads!

During the event period, a " Special Stage " will be held to commemorate the 3 million downloads!
Each day, a different stage with different rewards will be released, and you will be able to get gorgeous items such as "Otakara Detector" and "BibiBi Points" for each stage you clear!
The "Special Stage" is a limited edition stage with special enemies that can only be seen in this stage!

Special "3 Million Download Commemorative Item Set" Sale!

During the event period, the " 3 Million Download Commemorative Item Set " will be on sale for a limited time to commemorate the 3 million downloads!
This is a special set that is not included in the regular item sets!

Set name Set Contents Purchase Limit
Assorted Ticket Set 3 rare tickets, 10 Gegege tickets 1 time
Assorted Awakening Balls Set 3 million experience, 5 awakening balls of various types 2 times
Assorted Spiritual Medicine Set 3,000,000 Experience, 5pcs. of various elixirs 2 times

Vampire Johnny" Step-up Gacha, Limited Event, Rainbow Crystal Sale and more!

The limited super-rare "Vampire Johnny" with new abilities will make its reappearance!
In addition, there will be limited events, a rainbow crystal increase sale, and a growth set & item sale to go along with the gacha!

Vampire Johnny Step Up Gacha!

You can get a great deal on the gacha!

The "Vampire Johnny Step Up G acha" is now being held to reintroduce "Vampire Johnny" with a new ability " Initial soul level up "!
The number of characters you can acquire increases with each step, and in the third and final step, you can draw the gacha 11 times with 750 rainbow crystals, half of the price of the "Rare Gacha"!

Limited Character "Vampire Johnny

Nice and loose!

The ultra-rare " Vampire Johnny" is a limited character that only appears in the "Vampire Johnny Step Up Gacha" mentioned above.
By transforming "Vampire Johnny" into a specter, a new ability " initial soul level up " will be added, which will allow him to start battle with his soul level increased by one!

Event "Evil Tag Team! Sonata of Melody and Roar" event!

Win gorgeous rewards!

This "Evil Tag Team! Sonata of Melody and Roar", the first event of its kind, will feature a stage where players are restricted by their character type!
There are three types of characters that can participate in the event: " Loose Family," " Flying Family," and " Beast Family.
While your composition is restricted, you can be creative and take on the strongest enemies!

Depending on the total points earned in the event stages, you can get gorgeous items such as "ghost candy" and "rare tickets".
Rewards can also be won in the " High Score Ranking " competition!
During the event period, you can challenge a special stage with a 150% event bonus by using " challenge notes " obtained by tapping "vampire elites" or "rain dragons" that appear in the " YuruGeGeGeSanpo "! You can challenge a special stage with an extra 150% bonus!
The event will run from September 18, 2020 (Friday) at 11:00 a.m. until October 1, 2020 (Thursday) at 10:59 p.m.
Rewards for high score ranking will be distributed after the event and the deadline for receiving them is Monday, October 5, 2020 at 10:59 a.m.

Rainbow Crystal Increase, Growth Set & Item Sale!

To commemorate the reappearance of "Vampire Johnny," the " Increased Rainbow Crystal Sale " with increased rainbow crystals and "Bibi Bibi Points," and the " Growth Set " with items necessary for the transformation of the limited and extremely rare "Vampire Johnny" will be on sale. The " Item Sale " will be held at the same time, in which the rainbow crystals required to purchase items will be reduced to half of the normal price!
The sale is a super deal, so there is no harm in buying the items anyway!

A gorgeous event for beginners and experts alike!

The hot "3 million downloads commemorative gacha" is a free limited gacha that is easy on the wallet!
You can use the money you save from the "3 million downloads commemorative gacha" to buy all the "Vampire Johnny" you want!
The limited event "Thanks a lot! The event will run from 11:00 a.m. on Friday, September 18, 2020 to 10:59 a.m. on Thursday, October 1, 2020.
For more details about "Yuru Gegege" or "Yuru Gegege no Kitaro Yo-Yo Monster Slapstick War," please check the official website!


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I played "YuruGeGeSanpo" at Kitaro's favorite sacred place "Kitaro Chaya"!
I played "YuruGeGeSanpo" at Kitaro's favorite sacred place "Kitaro Chaya&qu...

YURU-,-, of the PONOSU corporation with the pretty character of "Onitarou of GEGEGE" which was here and was designed by a taste, for smart phone, &quo

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