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Super super rare "spaceship Oiji" is newly released in Yurugege! "Service Stamp Gacha" is also new!


The smartphone game " Loose Gegege no Kitaro: Yokai Dotabata Taisen " (abbreviated as " Loose Gegege") is based on the popular anime "Gegege no Kitaro" (Gegegege's Kitaro ).
In addition to the monthly limited stages, events are frequently reprinted, so there are many chances to acquire characters that you may have missed out on.
Now, YuruGeGeGe will have a pickup gacha with new characters instead of reprints!
There will be other new gachas and reprinted events as well, so I will introduce them all here!

New "Spaceship Oyaji", a super-rare character!

Spaceship Oyaji

A new ultra-rare " Spaceship Oyaji" will appear in the Pickup Gacha, which will be available for a limited time only!
Not only is the appearance rate of the new ultra-rare "Spaceship Oyaji" increased in this pickup gacha, but the first 10 gachas are guaranteed to be ultra-rare, so you may be able to get the "Spaceship Oyaji" with just one shot.
The "Spaceship Oyaji" will not appear for a while after this pickup gacha, so don't miss out on this chance!
Please note that the gacha will only be available from October 9, 2020 (Friday) 11:00 - October 13, 2020 (Tuesday) 10:59.

Spaceship Oyaji

Earn Stamps and Get Rewards! Service Stamp Gacha" is now available!

Service Stamp Gacha

The "Service Stamp Gacha", a special gacha that can be pulled by collecting 10 "Stamp Tickets", is now available!
Stamp Ticket" is a ticket that can be obtained as a reward for "Stamp Card".
After drawing the gacha 10 or 11 times, a stamp will be placed on the stamp card, and you will receive a special prize depending on the number of stamps you draw.
The contents of the rewards are as follows

  • 1st time : 1 stamp ticket
  • 2nd : 1 rare ticket
  • 3rd : 2 Stamp Tickets
  • 4th : 3 rare tickets
  • 5th time : 3 Stamp Tickets

After the 5th time, the number of tickets will return to the 1st time.
To draw the "Service Stamp Gacha", 10 Stamp Tickets are required.
After the fifth round, you will receive six stamp tickets, and after the fifth round of the second round, you will receive three stamp tickets.
This may seem like a high hurdle, but the "Service Stamp Gacha" will be a guaranteed ultra-rare item any number of times, so do whatever you can to collect tickets and pull it off!

Many events are starting to reappear!

Events that started in the past will reappear all at once this time!

The "super" plague is gone! Take everyone's wish on your back!

A "super" pestilence! Take everyone's wish on your back!

The event in which you can earn "Angel's Feather" in a special stage, increase the + value of the SP character "Amabie", and exchange it for gorgeous items is coming back!
This time, the "Golden Ordeal" stage will also be held, where you can acquire "Golden Crafts" necessary to transform Amabie into the second type of monster, making this a good time to focus on strengthening Amabie.
This event will be held from October 9, 2020 (Fri.) 11:00 to October 16, 2020 (Fri.) 10:59!

Reinforcement Week

Strengthening Week

The "Strengthening Week" is starting with a series of events to help you strengthen your character!
The events are as follows

  • Treasure Festival" to increase the probability of obtaining treasures in the "Japan Arc" of the story.
  • Half the leadership power" that halves the leadership power consumed in battles in "World Chapter 1" and "World Chapter 2".
  • Event Missions" in which achieving certain conditions will reward you with "experience tea", "moon stones", and other items useful for the story.

This event is perfect for both those who have just started playing YuruGeGeGe and those who want to further strengthen their characters!
The event will be held from October 9, 2020 (Fri.) 11:00 to October 16, 2020 (Fri.) 10:59!

Specter Super-enhancement

Specter Super-enhancement

The event stage will be available only once a day, and you can get "100,000 experience" and "Yotan (small)", an item to recover your leadership!
Don't miss the challenge every day!
In addition, the "Beginner Support Mission" will be held at the same time for users with a user rank of 1,000 or lower!
Whether you have just started YuruGeGeGe or have been away from the game for a while, take this chance to strengthen your skills at once!
The event will be held from October 9, 2020 (Fri.) 11:00 to October 16, 2020 (Fri.) 10:59!

New Yokai Sale!

To commemorate the arrival of the new yokai, a "Rainbow Crystal Sale" and a "Growth Set" will be available for a limited time only!
There are 3 sets of rainbow crystals in total, each set is limited to 3 purchases per person, and the growth set is limited to 1 purchase per person.
The sale will be held from Friday, October 9, 2020 at 11:00am to Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 10:59am!

Recommended for beginners! Experience Set!

In addition to a large amount of experience, all sets include a "Rare Ticket".
There are 3 sets in total and each set can only be purchased once, so don't miss out!
The sale will be held from October 9, 2020 (Fri.) 11:00 to October 16, 2020 (Fri.) 10:59!

Get a new character!

The new " Spaceship Oyaji " is a character that will not be re-released.
The new "Spaceship Oyaji" is a character that is yet to be reintroduced.
Get "Spaceship Oyaji" as soon as possible and play the events to strengthen "Spaceship Oyaji" efficiently!
For more information on YuruGeGeGe, please visit the official website of "Yuru~GeGeGe no Kitaro Yo-Youkai Dotabata Daisho"!


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