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Super rares of 2020 reappear! Year-end event "Gacha this year" held in YuruGege!


The smartphone game " Loose Gegege no Kitaro: Yokai Dotabata Taisen " (abbreviated as " Loose Gegege") is based on the popular anime " Gegegeno Kitaro.
This year, 2020, two years have passed since the service was launched, and events have been held to commemorate the anniversary, and the game is still going strong.
The limited time event for the end of the year in YuruGeGeGe will be held from today, December 24, 2020 (Thursday)!

The super-rare items that appeared in 2020 will reappear!

This Year Gacha

In the "This Year Gacha" event, Super Rare items that appeared in 2020 and seasonal Super Rare items will appear again!
The probability of getting a Super Rare item is higher than that of the regular "Rare Gacha"! The first 10 times of the gacha will be a guaranteed Ultra Extreme Rare!
Also, you can try the special " Super New Year Gacha " with a guaranteed Super Rare item by using "This Year's Ticket"!
The "This Year Gacha" and "This Year Ticket" will be on sale until 23:59 on December 31, 2020 (Thursday), and the "Super New Year Gacha" will be available until 10:59 on January 8, 2021 (Friday).
This is a great opportunity to get a super rare item, so don't forget to enter "This Year's Gacha" in your year-end schedule!

This Year's Gacha

In addition, you can gain more experience by clearing stages and get useful items in the once-a-day limited event " Pay up your troubles! Welcome the New Year! The event will also be held once a day.
In addition to the "Rainbow Crystals" that can be obtained as mission rewards, the "Year-End Countdown Log-in Calendar" will also be held at the same time, so don't forget to log in every day!
In addition, " Gegege History," a stage category based on the story of each season of the anime "Gegege no Kitaro," has been added to the new area of the " Kotobuki-yakunin no Hana! is added to the new area!

The New Year's holiday season is a busy time of year. It's easy to forget to log in, but be sure to check in!
For details on each event and campaign, please check the "Yuru~GeGeGe no Kitaro Yo-Yo Monster Slapstick War" official website and in-game announcements!


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I played "YuruGeGeSanpo" at Kitaro's favorite sacred place "Kitaro Chaya"!
I played "YuruGeGeSanpo" at Kitaro's favorite sacred place "Kitaro Chaya&qu...

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