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New model of gaming arm cover "AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" is now on sale!

ゲーミングアームカバーの新モデル「AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION」販売開始!

The " AIM COVER ", a gaming arm cover exclusively for FPS, appeared like a comet in the summer of 2020.
The "AIM COVER" is a new arm cover that uses " AddElm Technology" to improve performance through technology, enabling more precise play by distributing the load on the muscles during movement, and has gained tremendous support from PC gamers who operate a mouse.
The "AIM COVER" had only one type of product lineup until now, but we have started selling a new model "AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" jointly developed with Kenki, a professional gamer who belongs to Chichi-no-Back!

eスポーツに特化したゲーミングアームカバー「AIM COVER」予約受付開始!

Evolution and more support!


AIM COVER" already has a good reputation, but " AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION " has evolved further and has more support!
By using 20% spandex, a highly elastic fiber, in the material, the AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION fits securely around the arm, yet allows for ease of movement.
The moderate pressure when worn improves blood flow, reduces muscle fatigue, alleviates swelling, and reduces the burden caused by prolonged mouse operation.
In addition, "AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION," which is also a taping that can be worn, wraps the body with compression just by wearing it, absorbing the impact on joints and muscles. It also softens the damage.
The pressure applied to each part of the upper arm from the wrist when worn supports the muscles and improves performance.


Four professional gamer models now available!

Father No Back Collaboration

AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" was co-developed with KENKI, so not only does KENKI have his own model, but DustelBox, Hatsume, and Adomin, who also belong to Father No Back, also have models!



model "dustelbox


model "hatsume


model "admin".


There are four different models, but they differ only in design (color), not in size, etc. So you can choose your favorite color, or buy the model of your favorite player!

A special set of 4 different models is also on sale!

"AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" will be available from Monday, February 1, 2021, priced at 4,980 yen (excluding tax) each.
For those who can't decide which model to buy and want to have them all, we have good news for you!
AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" 4-model set "MODEL "FATHER'S BACK " is now on sale!
The price for the set of four is 14,980 yen (excluding tax), or3,745 yen (excluding tax ) per model, a savings of 1,235 yen compared to buying them separately!
This is perfect for those who want all the models, or for those who buy and share with friends.
In addition, you have a chance to win a mouse pad signed by a professional gamer in a drawing from among those who purchase the "MODEL "FATHER'S BACK""!
Five winners will receive a "RAZER ACARI" signed by KENKI, five winners will receive a "RAZER ACARI" signed by ADOMIN, five winners will receive a "RAZER SPHEX V2" signed by DustleBox, and five winners will receive a "RAZER SPHEX V2" signed by Hatsume. quot;RAZER SPHEX V2" signed by DustleBox will be given away to 5 winners, for a total of 20 winners!
Don't miss this rare chance to get a mouse pad signed by your favorite player!

For more information and to purchase, please visit the "AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION" product page!


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