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Electric Pip's first gaming item in history "Pro Fitz for e-SPORTS List Armor" is released!

エレキバンのピップ史上初のゲーミングアイテム「プロ・フィッツ for e-SPORTS リストアーマー」発売!

There are many gaming devices with specifications for playing games comfortably, including not only PCs but also mice, keyboards, monitors, and headsets.
Recently, not only devices but also items such as the much talked-about glowing gaming masks and gaming arm covers that support the body while playing games have appeared.
Pip, a well-known brand of electric wristbands, has released a new wrist support item called " Pro Fits for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor "!


Firm support reduces the burden on the wrist!

プロ・フィッツ for e-SPORTS リストアーマー
Pro Fitz for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor

Pro Fitz for e-SPORTS W rist Armor" is a wrist supporter with specifications suitable for e-sports and can be easily used like taping.
In e-sports, players manipulate controllers, mice, and other devices with great intensity and sometimes precision, which can cause wrist pain.
The "Pro FITS for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor" is a supporter developed for such e-sports players.

プロ・フィッツ for e-SPORTS リストアーマー
Pro Fitz for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor

The 2mm-thin fabric is not stiff and does not interfere with delicate operations.
The new material is made of a new material that does not require any clasps, so it fits snugly and securely. It can be worn on any wrist and is hard to slip off.
And thanks to the new material, no hook and loop fasteners are used, so there's no pain when it hits your skin!
Unlike taping, it is easy to rewrap. Unlike taping, it is easy to rewrap and adjust the tightness to your own preference.

How to use

Release date and price

Pro FITZ for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor" is now on sale and is priced at 1,780 yen (excluding tax ).
It can be purchased at Pip's official online store, Wellness Online Store.
Pip's sports care brand "PRO FITZ" aims to " develop sports care products that prevent problems from occurring, " not after they have occurred.
Wrist problems can become habitual once they occur, so if you are suffering from pain, or even if you are pain-free, why not try using "Pro Fitz for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor" as a preventive measure?
For more information, please refer to the product announcement on Pip's official website!


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