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"Among Us" official license goods 2nd release! Many stuffed animals and many other lineups appeared!

「Among Us」公式ライセンスグッズ第2弾が発売!ぬいぐるみ他ラインナップ多数登場!

Among Us " is a space wargame that is very popular in Japan.
The game is currently available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch, and can be easily played by a large number of people cross-platform!
In 2021, the game will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, and is expected to gain even more momentum.

This is one of the contents that I personally enjoy playing with my friends, telling unfamiliar lies, being fooled and almost distrusting people .......

The "Along Us" game has been a hot topic of conversation for a while now, and the officially licensed "Along Us" merchandise was recently released, with the cute and rounded crew squeezed into a squiggly shape, which became a big hit!
Now, the second batch of officially licensed merchandise has been announced! This article will introduce you to the second batch of officially licensed merchandise, which is even more varied and cute than the first batch!

「Among Us」公式ライセンスグッズが発売決定!クルーたちがもちもちのスクイーズに!

Among Us" Official Licensed Merchandise Vol. 2!

Among Us 公式ライセンスグッズ
Among Us Official Licensed Merchandise Vol. 2

Evolito Corporation (headquartered in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture), which handles "Among Us" officially licensed goods made by "Just Toys" in the United States, has announced the release of its second batch of officially licensed goods.
The second series includes a wide range of items from reasonably priced backpack hang ers to oversized plush to ys! The blind-pack version of the item also includes a secret ......!
Various goods will be available from September 9, 2021 (Thursday ).

Plush Hanger

plush hanger

The plush h anger is a plush mascot made of fluffy fabric with a hanger-like strap!
The size is approximately 11 cm (not including the strap), so it is slightly large enough to be held in one hand!
The item is available in a total of six vari eties, one of which is a secret! Because of the blind specification, it is up to your luck whether you can win the color crew you are looking for if you buy them individually.
Each box contains 16 pieces, and by purchasing one box, you can have all types.

6-inch plush / 9-inch plush / 12-inch plush

6" plush / 9" plush

The fluffy fabric plush plush series is available in a variety of sizes!

The 9" Pl ush is approximately 24 cm in length!
The 9-inch plush is about 24 cm long! It is large enough to be held in the arms. And it comes in a total of six different colors!

The 6-inch plush is about 20 cm in length, about two sizes smaller, but all six crew members are dressed in a variety of skins!

Among Us 公式ライセンスグッズ
12-inch plush

Total length is about 39 cm! A jumbo size 12" plush is also available!
It would make a great addition to any room! There is only one color available.

Plastic Backpack Hanger

Plastic backpack hanger

Cute plastic backpack h anger!
The size is not too small and not too big, so you can put your favorite crew on the backpack and carry it around!

Among Us 公式ライセンスグッズ
plastic backpack hanger

Sold blind, there are a total of seven different colors, one of which is a secret, so you'll have to wait until you open the box to find out!
Each box contains 16 pieces, and by purchasing one box, you can have all the varieties.

Action Figures

Action Figures

The action figures can stand on their own, and their arms and hats are removable, allowing you to customize them to your liking!
They are available in four different colors, and each color comes with a different hat! It would be fun to purchase more than one and change the hats as you like.
The size of the figure is approximately 11 cm, so it will look great on your desk or anywhere you want to display it!

On sale from September 9 (Thursday)! Pre-orders are now being accepted at various stores!

The second batch of "Among Us" officially licensed goods will be available for purchase at various stores from September 9 (Thu. )!

List of stores

  • Amazon.co.jp
  • Amiami
  • InfoLens Geek Shop
  • Village Vanguard
  • Sofmap.com
  • Yodobashi.com
  • Rakuten Books
  • WonderGOO

(Other discount stores and other stores in Japan will follow in due course.)

Among Us スクイッシュミー
Among Us Squish Me / Among Us Mega Squish Me

The "Along Us Squish Me" and "Along Us Mega Squish Me" announced in the first volume are also now on sale!
With so many attractive goods announced, we can't wait to see what's in store for the third installment!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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