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ROG's gaming headset "Delta S" series has an easy-to-get price "Core"!

ROGのゲーミングヘッドセット「Delta S」シリーズに手に取りやすい価格の「Core」が登場!

ASUS' gaming brand " ROG " has recently released a collaborative product with "Evangelion" that has become a hot topic.
As was the case with the previous "Gundam" collaboration, the "Evangelion" collaboration products sold out immediately and became scarce early on, but this is not only because of the rarity of the collaboration design, but also because of the high quality of ROG products.
The base models of the collaboration models are often the top models among ROG products, and we believe that the trust in the performance of the products makes it possible to make a purchase decision without seeing the actual products.
However, the high performance of ROG products, including collaborative models, inevitably comes at a higher price.
It is better to use a good headset that is directly related to playing, but for those who have had difficulty in purchasing one due to price, we have some good news for you.
ROG's popular " Delta S" series headsets are now available in an affordable "Core" model!

初号機カラーヘッドセットも!ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボモデルの日本発売製品ラインナップが発表!

Affordable wired and lightweight model

ROG Delta S Core
ROG Delta S Core
ROG Japan公式Twitter

ROG's gaming headset " ROG Delta S Core " has been announced this time.
ROG has released a "Core" model in each of its series, which is an affordable model that maintains the performance of the series while carefully selecting the fewest features. The "ROG Delta S Core" is the "Core" model of the popular "ROG Delta S" series of gaming headsets.
The series has previously included the base model " ROG Delta S " with ASUS Aura Sync RGB support, the " ROG Delta S Animate " with a programmable AniMe Matrix display, and the "ROG Delta S Core" with 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. ROG Delta S Wireless " with 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, but "ROG Delta S Core" cuts out both lighting and wireless connectivity!
It is a very clean "the headset" with no glowing and only a 3.5mm connector!
This may sound like a low-cost version, but in fact it is not, and you can enjoy ROG's high-quality sound and clear audio.

ROG Delta S Core
ROG Delta S Core
"ROG Delta S Core"製品ページ

The airtight chamber uses ASUS' proprietary 50mm ASUS Essence driver, which delivers a wide frequency response of 20Hz - 40kHz, providing both clear highs and powerful lows for an immersive, high-resolution gaming audio experience.
The series' familiar D-shaped ear cup s are slanted at a 12° angle to allow audio to reach the ear canal directly, providing comfort and high sound quality.

ROG Delta S Core
ROG Delta S Core
"ROG Delta S Core"製品ページ

The microphone is a detachable, unidirectional boom microphone that is TeamSpeak and Discord certified.
It can be brought to the appropriate distance from the mouth, allowing for clear voice communication during games.

Since the connection is a 3.5mm connector, it can be used on a wide range of platforms such as TVs, PCs, portable game consoles to consumer game consoles, smartphones, etc.
It is also very helpful to be able to use it right away just by connecting it without detailed settings.

By eliminating features such as lighting, the "ROG Delta S Core" is the lightest in the series at 270g.
Combined with the D-shaped ear cups, which reduce unnecessary ground contact area by up to 20%, you will not feel tired even after long hours of use.

ROG Protein Leather Ear Cushion / ROG Hybrid Ear Cushion
"ROG Delta S Core"製品ページ

The earpads come in two different materials, so you can change them out depending on your preference.
ROG protein leather ear cushions are made of 100% protein leather for a soft finish.
They have high sound insulation properties, so you get a comfortable fit and a passive noise-canceling effect.
ROG Hybrid ear c ushions are made of breathable mesh fabric.
They fit well yet do not get stuffy, so they are comfortable even after long hours of use.

ROG Delta S Core
ROG Delta S Core
"ROG Delta S Core"製品ページ

Controls are concentrated on the left ear cup, with a physical switch for microphone on/off. The sound volume control is a physical dial.
While digital control is convenient, it is easy to make mistakes while playing games, so this simple design is actually the easiest to operate.

On sale sequentially from August 5!

ROG Delta S Core will be available from August 5, 2022! The price is open price.
Pre-orders are now being taken for the product, which is expected to be priced at around 14,480 yen (including tax).
Compared to the other "ROG Delta S" series, the price is almost half of the original price, but the sound quality has not been compromised.
If you are looking for a gaming headset with higher specs but are worried about your wallet, the "ROG Delta S Core" may be the best candidate for you.
For more details, please check the ROG Delta S Core product page!


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