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The ultimate evolution is equipped with a heater in that bad wearing! "Bad clothes 4GW heater HFD-4GW" appeared!

あのダメ着にヒーターが搭載されて究極進化!「ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW」登場!

Bauhutte is well-known for its gaming furniture that scratches the gamer's itch.
Bauhutte is known for its gaming furniture, which is just what gamers are looking for.
One of Bauhutte's biggest hits is the "Dame Kimono" series of gaming blankets.
Since its first appearance in 2013, the Damegi has evolved every year, and this November saw the release of the " Damegi 4G," a complete product that combines mobility and warmth.
It may seem that the Damegi has been perfected, but Bauhutte has made an even more terrifying evolution.
It's equipped with dual USB electric heaters! The " Damekit 4GW Heater HFD-4GW ", the strongest gaming blanket designed for the coldest weather of the year, is now on sale!

ローテーブル派必見のふかふかクッションのゲーミング座椅子!「Bauhutte Gaming Floor Sofa Chair GX-350」発表!

The warmest Damekitai with electric heater!

The "Damegi 4GW Heater HFD-4GW " (hereinafter referred to as "Damegi 4GW") is the warmest Damegi ever, equipped with an electric heater while maintaining the mobility and warmth of the already released "Damegi 4G".
Since it is equipped with two USB-A compatible electric heaters that can be connected to commercially available mobile batteries, Damegi 4GW can generate heat by itself to keep you warm.

ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW
Dame dressing 4GW Heater HFD-4GW
"ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW"製品ページ

The temperature can be adjusted in three levels, with the lighting color of the switch changing from red at about 55°C, blue at about 45°C, and green at about 35°C, so the current setting is easy to see at a glance.

ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW
Damechaku 4GW Heater HFD-4GW
"ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW"製品ページ

When powered by a 5000mAh mobile battery, the high temperature setting of 55°C can be used for approximately 2 hours, and the low temperature setting of 35°C can be used continuously for a whopping 6 hours, so it can warm up well.

There are three heaters on the back and two on the belly, and each of the two heaters warms up in a different position.
It is helpful to be able to use both heaters at high temperatures when you want to warm up quickly, and use the low temperature setting only for the waist area after warming up, depending on the situation and the temperature of the day.

"ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW"製品ページ

Since the base is the " DAME-KITA 4G ", it retains the comfort, convenience, and mobility features of the highly popular " DAME-KITA 4G ", such as the "DAME-KITA Toilet System 6.0 " and the " Free Foot System 5.0 ".
However, the lining of the upper body part has been changed to mesh in consideration of the fact that it is equipped with a heater, in pursuit of a comfortable fit that is less likely to become stuffy!

Wearable Toilet System 6.0
"ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW"製品ページ

Available in 3 sizes to choose from according to your height

The "Dame-Kimi 4GW" is available in three sizes: M for recommended heights of 150 cm to 165 cm, L for 165 cm to 175 cm, and XL for 175 cm to 185 cm.
It would be better to choose a size with a little room to spare, as a tight size may be too tight for the toilet system while wearing it.
The M and L sizes are currently available for 18,800 yen and the XL size for 19,800 yen!
The mobile battery to run the heater is not included, so you may want to purchase a mobile battery that meets all of the following requirements: "PSE marked," "output: 5V/2.0A or 5V/2.1V," and "connection terminal: USB (type A) terminal. It may be a good idea to purchase a mobile battery that meets all of these requirements.
This winter is expected to be cold, so let's get over it comfortably with "Damekit 4GW"!
For details and specifications, please refer to the "Damekit 4GW Heater HFD-4GW" product page!


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