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Make the bed a sofa! Back cushion that can also be used for seat chairs Bauhutte "Gaming bed sofa BHB-650" released!

ベッドをソファ化!座椅子にも使える背もたれクッション Bauhutte「ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650」発売!

For those who play games for long hours, a gaming chair or gaming seat that supports correct posture is an essential item.
If you play games in the correct posture, you will not only feel less tired, but you will also be able to play more precisely and with less strain on your body.
While this is true when playing seriously, it is also fun to relax and play games while lounging on the bed.
If you have a comfortable gaming bed environment, you may not want to move from your bed.
However, it is difficult to play for a long time lying down, and it is hard to keep your body in an upright position because the bed does not have a backrest.
Bauhutte, a well-known gaming furniture manufacturer, has released the " Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650," a backrest cushion that turns your bed into a sofa!

お布団でゲームもゆったり快適!Bauhutteが大判サイズの寝具セット「ゲーミング布団セット BHB-1000S」を発表!

Turn your bed into a sofa with the self-supporting cushion!

ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650
Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650
"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ

The "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" is a seat-integrated backrest cushion that can stand on its own without having to be placed against a wall.
Just by placing it on the bed, you can transform your usual bed space into a gaming sofa with a backrest!
Three-layer construction of urethane foam, silicon fiber, and velour cover. The three-layer construction of urethane foam, silicon fiber, and velour cover provides firm support for your body without deforming even if you put all your weight on it.

"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ

The main body weight is also firm at approximately 5 kg, so it is hard to shift its position.
The velour cover on the surface has Bauhutte's well-known excellent texture, so you will want to touch it forever!

Besides being placed on the bed, it can also be used as a seat on the floor. The seat has a built-in 5.5cm-thick urethane foam, so it is hard for your buttocks to get sore even when placed on the floor, and it is also hard to get cold in winter.

"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ

A headrest is included to prevent fatigue even after sitting for long periods of time.
The position can be adjusted so you can set it in the best position according to your height and preference.

ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650
Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650
"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ

On the right side of the armrest, which is about 20 cm high and easy to raise your arm, there is a pocket for your smart phone.
It is convenient for storing not only your smartphone but also remote controls and other items that you want to take out quickly but often lose track of.

"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ

Turn your favorite place into a sofa

The Bauhutte "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" is currently on sale for 24,800 yen (tax included) and can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp. The name "Gaming Bed Sofa" suggests that it can be used on a bed or on the floor, but the "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" can be used anywhere where it can be placed to create a comfortable space!
Even in a living room, Japanese-style room, or outdoors, the "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" can be used as a gaming sofa, so even if you already have a gaming chair, please consider it!
For details, please check the "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" product page.

Bauhutte "Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650" Specifications
Color Black
Dimensions Width approx. 650mm x Depth approx. 800mm x Height approx. 640mm
Seat height: approx. 55mm
Weight Approx. 5kg
Structural members Outer cover, inner cover, headrest: 100% polyester
Urethane, silicon fiber
Headrest filling: Silicon fiber
ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650 サイズ
Gaming Bed Sofa BHB-650 Size
"ゲーミングベッドソファ BHB-650"製品ページ


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