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Together during the game and during remote work! Baihutte "Nyan Garoo Parker Car 2" with a pocket for cats is released!


Bauhutte is a manufacturer that produces a wide range of gaming furniture that can satisfy gamers' needs.
In addition to furniture such as gaming desks and chairs, Bauhutte's " Dame-Kimono" series of gaming blankets and other apparel are also popular.
Especially as the weather is getting colder these days, it is very important to keep warm. As I write this, I am wearing a Damegi-4G LITE.
Since it is cold for humans, it must be cold for pets living together. Cats, in particular, often climb on my lap to keep warm.
This is a very nice thing to do, but it also makes it hard to move around and can get in the way when playing games or working remotely....
Well, here's an item that solves those problems! The "NyanGaru Hoodie 2," a hoodie with pockets for cats, is now on sale!

あのダメ着にヒーターが搭載されて究極進化!「ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW」登場!

Always together in a big pocket!

The "NyanGaru Hoodie 2" is a hoodie with a large pocket on the front that your cat can fit into.
It is a renewed item based on the first "NyanGaru Hoodie" released in 2015, reflecting users' voices.
There are many other animals besides cats, but Buhutte conducted a survey of about 700 gamers and found that half of those who live with pets are cats.

Half are cats.

And it seems that everyone has been disturbed by a cat blocking their view, climbing on the keyboard, or suddenly getting on their lap while gaming.
Then let's make it so that they can stay together all the time! That's why we developed "NyanGaloo Parker 2.

Nyan Galoo Parker 2

The first and most distinctive feature is the large front pocket, which is also symbolic in terms of design.
It is big enough to accommodate even a large cat (39 cm (W) x 27 cm (H) x 7 cm (D) x 7 cm (L )), and since cats sometimes prefer a slightly smaller space, large cats such as Norwegian Forest Cats can also use it safely.

kitten galoot parka 2

Unlike being on your lap, you can move around with your cat in the pocket, and since both hands are free, you can play games or work remotely with your cat as much as you like.

kitten galoot parka 2

These pockets are not just large.
There are many innovations to make your cat feel comfortable and at home!
First, there is the inner cushion.
The inner cushion supports the rise of the pocket so that the cat in the pocket can rest its weight on it.
The cushion is removable, so it can be kept clean at any time and can be used or not used depending on your cat's preference.

kitten galoot parka 2

The zipper that opens and closes the pocket has a double zipper for easy adjustment of the opening.
The zipper can be adjusted according to the situation, such as opening the pocket properly when entering and closing it slightly when the cat enters.

kitten galoot parka 2

In addition to the double zipper, a cord stopper is used to tighten the mouth of the pocket, allowing you to further adjust the space to your cat's preference.

The cord stopper is located on the outside of the pocket, so you don't have to worry about your cat messing with it.

kittenGaloo Hoodie 2

The pockets are positioned higher than those of the first generation "Nyan Garoo Parka.
It is nice that the pockets are positioned higher than those of the original "NyanGaroo Hoodie" so that they do not sag easily when the cat is inside, making it easier to carry.

kittenGaloo Hoodie 2

The inside pocket is made of fluffy boa material, which cats love. Our cat also likes to snuggle under the boa blanket, so we think all cats must like it.
Of course, it is removable, so it is easy to roll up.

kitten galoot parka 2

Since this is a parka for cats, the design is also cat-like.
The hood has cat ears, and the ribbed sleeves are embroidered with paw pads.

kitten galoot parka 2

On the pocket is the new "NyanGaru Hoodie" logo with the theme of " Symbiosis between Cats and Gamers.
As you can see in the logo, cats ride on the keyboard part of the laptop. Is it because it is warm?

kitten galoot parka 2

The average weight of an adult cat is around 4 kg, and even a light cat weighs less than 3 kg, so standing up in the pocket puts a certain amount of tension on the fabric.
The "NyanGaru Hoodie 2" is made of a thicker fabric, so it does not stretch easily even if the cat is in the pockets.
The fabric is lined with fur, so it is comfortable and warm, making it a perfect item for the coming season!

kitten galoot parka 2

Unfortunately, the kitty doesn't come with it, so watch out!

The "Nyan Garoo Hoodie 2" is now on sale and priced at 7,980 yen (tax included ) and can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp.
It is available in three sizes (S, M, and L) andtwo colors (gray and black ).
The "Nyan Garoo Hoodie 2" product page has photos of models wearing each size, so you can use them as a reference for your size.
Unfortunately, Koha and Chai, who appear in the introduction video and on the product page, are not included!
If you want to see more of their adorable appearance, follow Koha on Twitter(@KOHAKU_CHACHA ) and Chai on Yukako's Instagram account(@con_mama )!

In recent years, we have been spending more and more time at home with our cats, and the best thing is for both of us to be comfortable.
We know that sometimes our cats can get in the way of our games and remote work, even if we don't mean to, so let's get them into the pockets of "NyanGaru Parker 2" and spend comfortable home time together!
For more details, please check the "NyanGaru Parker 2" product page!

Color Gray / Black
Dimensions Size S: 155-165cm
Size M: 165-175cm
Size L: 175-185 cm
Body 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Cuffs/hem 58% cotton, 37% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Mesh part inside pocket 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Inner pocket 100% polyester
Inner lining (cover) 100% polyester
Insoles (inner material) 100% polyester


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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