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Recovery × Energy! Konami announces enadori "RENER" containing citric acid!

リカバリー × エナジー!コナミがクエン酸配合のエナドリ「RENER」を発表!

eFootball ", the " Power Pro" series, the " Momotaro Dentetsu " series, the " Bomberman " series, etc., etc., etc.
If we were to list all of the classic games that Konami has produced, this article would be filled with the titles alone.
Konami is also a company with an aggressive attitude that is not limited to existing popular content, such as its new media mix project " Shine Post," but is also exploring new genres.
Konami is a video game manufacturer with a strong image among gamers, but Konami Holdings Co., Ltd. is engaged in a wide range of businesses, one of the most famous of which is the Konami Sports Club.
One of the most famous of these is the Konami Sports Club. I am sure that some of you reading this article have been going to the club for your health.
Konami Sports has announced the release of a new product, and I was wondering what kind of aerobike it would be, but.......it turns out to be an energy drink!

アイドルコンテンツ「シャインポスト」重大発表イベント 現地レポート!石原明広プロデューサーにインタビュー

It contains citric acid, a rarity in energy drinks!


The new energy drink from Konami Sports is called " RENER "!
RENER" is a coined word that was created by taking "RE" and "ENER" from " RECEVER " and " ENERGY ", and it is a product that will give you both recovery and energy.
Many energy drink freaks may wonder, "What is recovery? Many energy drink freaks may be wondering, "What is recovery?
The main ingredients in most energy drinks are caffeine, arginine, and sugar to boost your mood, so you don't really feel the recovery element.
However, "RENER" contains 3,000 mg ofcitric acid in one bottle, which is expected to relieve fatigue, while still containing the familiar energy ingredients!
This product was developed from the viewpoint of Konami Sports, a company that deals with the body through sports and training on a daily basis.
Of course, there are no compromises when it comes to energy ingredients.
RENER" is available in two types: " ORIGINAL " for those who want to receive gutsy energy and " ZERO calorie " for those who are concerned about calories.
Nutritional ingredients per 100ml of " RENER ORIGINAL " are

  • Energy: 50kcal
  • Protein : 0.3g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 12.3g
  • Salt equivalent : 0.24g
  • Caffeine : 36g
  • Arginine : 120mg
  • L-carnitine : 27mg
  • Citric acid : 1,200mg

The nutritional ingredients of " RENER ZERO calorie " per 100ml are as follows

RENER ZERO calorie
RENER ZERO calorie
  • Energy : 0kcal
  • Protein : 0g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 1.3g
  • Salt equivalent : 0.25g
  • Caffeine : 36g
  • L-carnitine : 28mg
  • Citric acid : 1,200mg

The above is a total of 2,200mg. Each bottle contains 250 ml, so you can consume 2.5 times the amount of the ingredients listed above in one bottle.
Although there is a slight difference between the two, the "ORIGINAL" contains arginine, making it more powerful, while the "ZERO calorie" contains zero calories, as the name suggests, making it safe to drink even during weight loss. I think it is a good idea to drink differently depending on the occasion.
Citric acid is a great help not only for those who exercise, but also for those who are tired from work or study.
We can recommend this product to anyone who wants to work hard on a daily basis!

On sale November 12!

RENER" will be available at the official Konami Sports online store from Friday, November 12, 2021!
Both "ORIGINAL" and "ZERO calorie" can be purchased by the box, and each box contains 30 bottles for 4,500 yen (tax included).
Each bottle costs 150 yen (including tax), which is a reasonable price compared to ordinary energy drinks.
What's more! There is also a regular delivery service that delivers a box of "RENER" on a fixed date each month!
With regular delivery, a box of 30 bottles is priced at 4,050 yen (tax included) with a 10% discount, so each bottle is priced at 135 yen (tax included), which is in the low price range among energy drinks.
Many people drink energy drink every day, so if you stock up at home with regular delivery, it will be perfect for your morning wake-up drink!
Let's give your body the energy it needs to recover with "RENER," one of the few energy drinks by Konami that contains citric acid!
For more information about the product and to order after November 12, please visit the "RENER" product page on the official Konami Sports online store!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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