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MSI announces the launch of the new model gaming chair "MAG CH130 I RF" using MSI's unique highly durable material "REPELTEK FABRIC"!

MSIから独自の高耐久素材「REPELTEK FABRIC」を採用した新モデルゲーミングチェア「MAG CH130 I RF」が発売決定!

MSI Computer Japan, Inc. announces that it will release a new model gaming chair, " MAG CH130 I RF," featuring MSI's patent-pending "REPELTEK FABRIC" material, on Thursday, September 2, 2021. MSI announced today that it will release a new model gaming chair "MAG CH130 I RF" on September 2, 2021.

MSI's unique new materials and many special features realize high durability and functionality.

The main feature of " MAG CH130 I RF " is the adoption of " REPELTEK FABRIC ", a new highly durable material for which MSI is currently applying for a patent.
The use of this new material and MSI's proven technology have resulted in a high-quality gaming chair.

Highly durable and easy to clean

Highly durable & water repellent

The new material "REPELTEK FABRIC" is a highly durable material that prevents the seat from tearing even if pets, children, or other unexpected events occur, making it safe to use in the living room.
In addition, the surface of this product has a water-repellent finish, so that even if you spill an energy drink on it while playing a game or a cup of coffee during work, you can easily wipe it off without it penetrating.

It also reduces steaminess and has a comfortable feel, giving it a great sense of comfort.

High breathability & abrasion resistance

The high air permeability also makes it comfortable to use in summer without feeling stuffy.
It also has high abrasion resistance and is resistant to pilling, so it maintains a comfortable feel even after long use.

High comfort and safety achieved through attention to detail

150° recline

This product reclines up to 150° and has a 15° tilt function, allowing you to rest in a comfortable position.
The sturdy steel frame and bucket seat shape wrap around the entire body to provide excellent stability when using the recline.

Attention to detail

A lumbar cushion is also included to support the head and lower back to maintain an ideal posture, and is designed to reduce the burden on the body even after prolonged use.
The stability is also enhanced by a Class 4 glass cylinder with a load capacity of 150 kg and five casters.
The high stability allows you to rest your body without hesitation and immerse yourself in games or work in a relaxed state.
Furthermore, the casters are made of polyurethane material to enhance quietness and prevent floor scratching.

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions
MAG CH130 I RF製品ページ
Product Dimensions
Main unit weight Approx. 22kg
Seat size 520 x 570 (mm)
Floor to seat height 455~535(mm)
Seat elevation width 0~80(mm)
Backrest size 570×870(mm)
Armrest size 250×90(mm)
Floor to armrest height 776~846(mm)
Armrest elevation width 0~70(mm)
Caster size 60(mm)

Release date and price also disclosed

This product is scheduled to go on sale on September 2, 2021 (Thursday ) at a price of around 44,800 yen including tax.
The product will be sold at Applied and ZOA, so please check their websites.
With its high functionality and design, this product will definitely dramatically improve the quality of your time at home, which is likely to continue for a long time.
If you are considering purchasing a gaming chair, please check out the MAG CH130 I RF product page for more details!


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