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MSI's optix MAG245R2 high-performance gaming monitor will be released on Tuesday, March 1, 2022!

MSIより高機能ゲーミングモニター「Optix MAG245R2」が2022年3月1日(火)より発売!

To win at FPS games, you will probably want a high-spec PC, but a good PC also needs a good monitor.
However, there are a variety of monitors available, and many people may be at a loss to choose the right one.
Well, there's a new gaming monitor we recommend for you!
The Optix MAG245R2, a high-performance gaming monitor from the Optix MAG series, will go on sale on March 1, 2022 (Tuesday).

Let us introduce you to the features of the Optix MAG245R2, the new high-performance gaming monitor!

Features of the Optix MAG245R2 high-performance gaming monitor

High image quality and wide viewing angle

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

The IPS panel with 99.37% sRGB coverage and wide color gamut displays high-quality images, and its wide viewing angles allow you to enjoy gaming with vivid colors and beautiful images from any angle.

Smooth images with no afterimage

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

At overclocked settings, the Optix MAG245R2 delivers a high refresh rate of 170Hz and a response time of 1ms, so even in fast-moving games such as FPS games, the image is smooth with no afterimage.
This makes it easier to respond to the momentary movements of enemies.

See clearly even in the dark

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

The night vision function allows you to see clearly even at night or in dark scenes where visibility is difficult, so you can clearly recognize your enemies even in dark combat.

Easy monitor setting

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

No cumbersome button operations on the monitor side are required.
Intuitive operations such as changing brightness and display mode, activating game functions, etc. can be performed with the keyboard and mouse.

You can find the perfect position for you.

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

The ergonomic design reduces fatigue even after long hours of use, and the abundant positioning features allow you to adjust the monitor to the perfect position to enhance your performance.
The 90° pivoting design is also ideal for social networking and vertical scrolling games.

Features that are easy on the eyes even during long hours of play

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

Anti-flicker and blue light cut functions reduce eye fatigue even when playing games for long hours, so you can maintain performance during play.

Can also be mounted on a monitor arm.

高機能ゲーミングモニター"Optix MAG245R2"

The monitor is VESA-compatible and can be attached to a monitor arm using the included spacer screws to provide more space for things on your desk.

What is the price I'm wondering?

What do you think?
Optix MAG245R2 is priced at around 32,800 yen, including tax, and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The Optix MAG245R2 has many attractive features for gaming, such as a maximum refresh rate of 170Hz and night vision function.
If you are having trouble choosing a monitor, please consider this one!
For more information, check out the official MSI Optix MAG245R2 product page!

Optix MAG245R2 Specifications
Screen Size 23.8 inches
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution Full HD (1,920 x 1080)
Maximum Refresh Rate 165Hz (170Hz at overclocked setting)
Response Time 1ms (MPRT)
Panel Drive System IPS
Surface Type Non-glare
Input Terminal HDMI 1.4b x 2
DisplayPort 1.2a x 1
USB 2.0 Type-A (USB hub) x 2
USB 2.0 Type-B (for PC connection) x 1
Headphone output x 1
Body Size (W x D x H) 540.3 x 233.7 x 385.8 (mm)
Main unit weight Approx. 5.7kg
Vertical Angle Adjustment -5° to 20
Height adjustment 0 to 130 (mm)
Horizontal Angle Adjustment (swivel) -45° to 45° (mm)
Price including tax Approx. 32,800 yen
Date of release Available from March 1, 2022 (Tuesday)


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