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"VIGOR GK30 COMBO WHITE JP", an entry-class gaming device set with a keyboard and mouse from MSI, is now available!

MSIからキーボードとマウスがセットになったエントリークラスのゲーミングデバイスセット「VIGOR GK30 COMBO WHITE JP」が発売!

MSI Computer Japan K.K. announced today that it will release the "VIGOR GK30 COMBO WHITE JP," an entry-level gaming device set that includes a keyboard and mouse, on August 27, 2021 (Friday).

High Convenience and Design in an Entry-Level Product

This product is a white model of the highly acclaimed gaming device set "VIGOR GK30 COMBO JP," which has been on sale for some time.
The set includes the VIGOR GK30 WHITE gaming keyboard and the CLUTCH GM11 WHITE gaming mouse, and while the basic specifications are unchanged from the VIGOR GK30 COMBO JP The basic specs have not changed from the "VIGOR GK30 COMBO JP", but the stylish white color has gained a refined design.
While the specifications have not changed significantly from the previous model, the GK30 COMBO JP offers more than enough convenience for an entry-level device.

Both keyboard and mouse are highly durable and precise

High-durability mechanical-style switches

The keyboard boasts a key durability of over 12 million keystrokes and uses mechanical-style switches.
Compared to common membrane switches, the keyboard has a better typing feel and is highly durable, making typing a safe and enjoyable experience.
The mouse is equipped with switches made by Omron that can withstand more than 10 million clicks, making it safe for long-term use.
The sensor part is equipped with a high-precision sensor made by Pixart and can be set up to 5000 DPI, allowing you to operate the mouse as you wish.
Furthermore, the mouse is equipped with a DPI switch, so the DPI can be freely changed over five levels even while playing games.

Keyboard with multifunctional hotkeys

Convenient hot keys

The keyboard is equipped with hotkeys for quick access to media.
This makes it possible to quickly adjust voice chat and in-game volume during gameplay with just a few keystrokes.
It is also possible to back up, forward, and pause tracks during music playback, providing convenience not only for games but also for everyday use.
Furthermore, the LEDs can be color-changed, allowing the user to quickly design the device to match their mood.

Versatile Color Change with RGB LEDs

Both the keyboard and mouse of this product are equipped with RGB LEDs, allowing users to light up their devices with their favorite colors.
The RGB LEDs can be controlled collectively via software, making it possible to create a sense of unity around the desk or in the entire room by linking them with other compatible LED devices.

Product Specifications

VIGOR GK30 WHITE (keyboard)
Keyboard layout Japanese 108 keys
Keyswitch Plunger
Key durability Over 12 million cycles
N-key rollover 6-key rollover
20-key anti-ghosting
Backlight RGB LED
Cable Length 1.8m
Interface USB2.0
Main unit size 438 x 157 x 38 mm
Main unit weight 1042g
Supported OS Windows10/8.1/8/7
Sensor PMW-3325 optical sensor
Maximum DPI 400/800/1600/3200/3200/5000 DPI
Number of buttons 6 buttons
Keyswitch Omron switches
Switch durability 10 million times or more
Backlight RGB LED
Cable length 1.8m
Interface USB2.0
Main unit size 118 x 62 x 37 mm
Weight 65g (excluding cable)
Supported OS Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Price and Details

The price is 7,480 yen including tax, and the product will be available from August 27, 2021 (Fri. ).
This product offers a range of high-quality gaming devices that are useful for working from home or gaming on your home time, all at once.
If you are new to PC gaming or want to refresh your desk environment, check out the VIGOR GK30 COMBO WHITE JP product page for more details.


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