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PS5 × Resident Evil Village × ZONe collaboration assorted pack released! Reservations start!

PS5 × バイオハザード ヴィレッジ × ZONeのコラボアソートパック発売決定!予約受付開始!

Released on Saturday, May 8, 2021, the latest title in the Resident Evil series, " Resident Evil Village," is the most awaited Resident Evil game in the world.
The game can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam), as well as on the next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series S|X, so some people may say they got a next-generation console for the sake of this bio.
Resident Evil Village" has been the subject of many promotions in the lead up to its release, including the release of a demo version, special programs, and other outlandish promotions such as "We don't want toplay in a village like this, Lv.100 " and the puppet show " Let's play in Bio Village. The next step was the promotion of the "Bio Village" as a new venue for the next round of promotions.
As the next step, we have announced a collaboration product with the next generation console " PlayStation 5 " (PS5), which is now a supported platform, and "ZONe", a super immersive energy drink that is very popular among energy drinks, a must-have item for gamers! the most popular and indispensable energy drink for gamers!

バイオハザード ヴィレッジ発売直前!「バイオ村であそぼ♪」第2話公開!

Three popular ZONe products with stickers!

ZONe 3種アソートパック (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONeコラボ)
ZONe 3 assortment pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe collaboration)

The collaboration between Resident Evil Village, PS5, and ZONe will include three popular ZONe flavors in a special package, along with an original collaboration sticker. "ZONe 3 Flavor Assortment Pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe Collaboration) "!
This pack contains 4 bottles of " ZONe Ver. 1.3.9 ", the most basic and most popular "ZONe", 2 bottles of " ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition ", a white can and blue liquid, which is very popular as a collaboration product with PS5, and 2 bottles of " ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition ", which is a fruit juice with 17% fruit juice. ZONe Utopia Ver. 1.0.0", which contains 17% fruit juice and is easy to drink, for a total of 10 bottles.

ZONe 3種
ZONe 3 kinds

One PS5 x Resident Evil Village x ZONe collaboration sticker

PS5 × Resident Evil ヴィレッジ × ZONeコラボステッカー
PS5 x Resident Evil Village x ZONe collaboration sticker

The limited edition PS5 comes in a special package featuring "Chris", the main visual of Resident Evil Village.
The cool package design and sticker are great, but ZONe comes in a large 500 ml can, so buying it in bulk at a convenience store can be a bit of a hassle.
And the fact that it comes in a set of 10 bottles, not just one flavor, but a combination of three flavors, is pretty helpful!
The set also includes the "ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition," which can only be purchased through e-commerce sites and electronics retailers.

Available on May 25th! Now accepting reservations!

"ZONe 3 Assortment Pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe Collaboration)" will be released on Tuesday, May 25, 2021! It will be priced at 2,203 yen (tax included)!
This is an Amazon.co.jp exclusive product and is available for pre-order now!
Pre-orders will be available until May 24, 2021 (Monday), but there are a limited number of copies available, so be sure to pre-order before they're gone!
Resident Evil Village", the latest in the Resident Evil series, is advertised as not being very scary, but it's not! Don't be fooled!

The best way to concentrate on this absolutely terrifying experience is to immerse yourself in it with the help of ZONe.
The "ZONe 3 Assortment Pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe Collaboration)," which comes in a set of popular flavors, will allow you to rush through the game all the way to the clear!
Let's pre-order it together with "Resident Evil Village!"


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Is it true gaming Enadori!? I drank "ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition Ver.PS5"!
Is it true gaming Enadori!? I drank "ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition Ver.PS5"!...

After PlayStation 5 is sold, about 4 months. The situation that acquisition is still difficult also continued at present, but PlayStation 5 edition appeared fro

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