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U-shaped gaming desk "100-DESKG007" from Sanwa Supply Co.


Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. has released the " 100-DESKG007 " gaming desk with an ultra-large U-shaped top panel on its direct sales website " Sanwa Direct ".

U-shaped gaming desk "100-DESKG007


Sanwa Direct's newly released "100-DESKG007" gaming desk features an extra-large U-shaped top panel that provides an overwhelming amount of work space.

Carbon tone top panel

Larger than conventional desks and L-shaped desks, the U-shaped desk provides a vast work space that wraps around the user. The chic design features a 180cm x 110cm carbon tone top panel.

Standard Built-in Accessories

Two cable trays that can also hold power strips and one hook for hanging a headset are standard features. Although the product is based on a black color scheme, some accessories are red as an accent color.


The back side, as seen from the user, has a notch design. This is to prevent interference with the monitor arm and input/output cables, etc., even when the monitor is perfectly mounted on the wall. Of course, it is clamp-compatible, ensuring customizability.

Width is 180 cm

While adopting a super-large top panel in this shape, the framework of the legs supporting it is very simple "100-DESKG007". In addition, you can create your own gaming space by preparing cable trays and drink holders!

The retail price is 38,910 yen (excluding tax )! For more information about the product and to purchase, please visit the "100-DESKG007" product page on Sanwa Direct!


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