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Online competitive blackjack game "Blackjack Gear" now available on App Store and Google Play


UNBALANCE Corporation announces that " Blackjack Gear," a competitive online card game that combines a trading card game with blackjack and adds strategic strategy, will be available on the App Store and Google Play from August 22, 2023 (Tuesday). A campaign to commemorate the release will also be held! A campaign to celebrate the release will also be held.

Use your gear to win! Blackjack Gear" is now available!

Blackjack Gear" is a competitive online card game that is a cross between a trading card game and blackjack. Players play one-on-one and use special cards called "gears" to gain an advantage in the game, and win by reducing their opponent's life to zero. The game can be enjoyed by those who are confident in their blackjack skills as well as those who have never played trading card games or blackjack before! For more information, please visit the official website or the official "Blackjack Gear" account (@bjgearofficial ).

Application Overview
Title Blackjack Gear
Genre Online Card Battle
Platform App Store / GooglePlay
Distribution start date Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Price Free (with in-app purchase)

What is "Gear"?


A strategic strategy is added to blackjack, in which you draw playing cards from a deck to bring your card total closer to 21! You can now build your own deck of cards, called gears, and manipulate the battle to subvert the rules of regular blackjack. For example, even if your hand exceeds 21, you can use Gear to increase your win condition to 22 or more!

Release Commemorative Gifts for All!

As part of the release commemorative campaign, players will receive 2,400 diamonds (equivalent to 30 rounds of Gacha), 10,000 chips, and 6 types of recommended gears when they start playing. Rewards can be received from the gift box. Don't miss this great opportunity!

Follow & RT Campaign to Commemorate the Release

The official account of "Blackjack Gear" (@bjgearofficial ) is holding a campaign in which a total of 400 players can win an Amazon gift code worth up to 10,000 yen! Please take part in the campaign!

  • Follow "Blackjack Gear" official account (@bjgearofficial )
  • Retweet the target tweet that will be posted for 4 days from August 23, 2023 (Wed.)
  • You can check the lottery results from the in-game announcement.

Blackjack Gear" adds strategy to the game of blackjack, so be sure to give it a try!


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