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Now you can do swastika! I tried Coca-Cola x BLEACH's Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast!

これで卍解できる!?コカ・コーラ×BLEACHの「Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast」を飲んでみた!

October 2022. The long-awaited new series "BLEACH: Millennium Blood War Arc" has started airing, and many of you must be enjoying it on all six TV Tokyo affiliate stations as well as on various Internet distribution sites.
In the first episode, Manjidashi and Gekkatensen were immediately shown, and in the second episode... well, we can't take our eyes off the future developments!
The TV anime "BLEACH: Millennium Blood War Arc" and Coca-Cola have collaborated on a limited edition product called " Coca-Cola Z ero Sugar S oul Blast" & "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast". I've got my hands on the "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast" " and I'm going to review it!

コカ・コーラが「BLEACH 千年血戦篇」とコラボ!コラボを記念しポップストアやTwitterキャンペーンが登場!

What flavor is the "BLEACH: The Thousand Year Blood War" limited edition flavor?

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast
Saiga NAK

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast" is the second product released under the new "Coke Creations" label by Coca-Cola.
The "BLEACH: Millennium Blood War Arc" collaboration, which is the first TV anime series in 10 years, will be held at the same time as a pop-up store in collaboration with the sneaker select store atmos Shinjuku from October 7 (Fri.) to November 6 (Sun.), 2022. The pop-up store will feature an original collaboration design.
At the pop-up store, there will be special vending machines where you can purchase original collaboration design goods and "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast"!

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Tok Tok Tok...
Saiga NAK

The "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast", whose package design was inspired by the TV anime "BLEACH: Millennium Blood War Arc", comes in the "Soul Blast" flavor!
It is said to be an action flavor that allows you to become your strongest self.

I don't know...?

Anyway, I can't tell from the description alone, so I'm going to have some right away!

The package is just cool.
Saiga NAK

When poured into a glass, the aroma is definitely cola.
When you take a sip, the carbonation has a cola-like impact.
The cotton candy-like sweetness disappears quickly, and there is almost no aftertaste, which is characteristic of cola, so you can drink it in gulps!
The fact that it is a zero-sugar drink makes it a bit of a surprise if you are expecting to drink it as a "cola! I think it is a little bit different from the normal "cola".
I prefer it to the regular "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar"!

AR game
Saiga NAK

There is another secret in the limited collaboration can!
On the " BLEACH: Millennium Blood War Arc" x "Coca-Cola" collaboration special page, you can play an AR game using the camera of your smartphone or tablet.
After playing the mini-game, hold up the "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast" package and... you'll see for yourself what's really going on!

The "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast," which even the voice actor Seiichi Morita (@edokko_dey), who plays the main character Ichigo Kurosaki, enjoyed, will be available nationwide for a limited time starting Monday, October 10, 2022!
The " BLEACH Millennium Blood War Arc" x "Coca-Cola" collaboration special page is currently holding a character diagnosis and a campaign to win "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soul Blast" and "BLEACH" goods. The campaign is also underway.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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