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PS5× Resident Evil × ZONe Assorted Pack is finally on sale! Deliver the state of opening!


The previously announced " ZONe 3 assortment pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe collaboration) " will go on sale on Tuesday, May 25, 2021!
Even on social networking sites, I've been seeing reports of "My pre-ordered items have arrived at my home! I've seen a few reports on social networking sites saying, "I received my pre-ordered items at home!
BIOHAZARD VILLAGE, the collaboration partner of ZONe, is also an action-packed game, which fits perfectly with the strong atmosphere of ZONe.
Now, the "ZONe 3 Assortment Pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe Collaboration)" has arrived at the Saiga NAK editorial office!
We'd like to open it right away!

PS5 × バイオハザード ヴィレッジ × ZONeのコラボアソートパック発売決定!予約受付開始!

First, check out the package!

Package surface

On the front, "BIOHAZARD VILLAGE" and the ZONe package are printed.
The dark image of the bio and the stylish image of ZONe go well together!

Package Surface

On the back is a list of ingredients for the ZONe inside.
On the left and right side of the box are the words " Dive to PLAY. Drink this and you'll be ready to play bio with passion...!

Three different kinds of ZONe in there!

There are three types of ZONe in the box: "ZONe Ver. 1.3.9," "ZONe PlayStation 5 edittion," and "ZONe Utopia Ver. 1.0.0.
This is great because I tend to get bored with the same flavor all the time.

Let's open the package!

It's pretty tightly packed.

When you open the package, you are greeted by a large can of ZONe. The sticker included in the package was tucked between the cans.
The contents were packed pretty tightly, so I opened both sides to push the can out.

Stylish black stickers.

Now, here is the sticker included in the package.
The glossy reflection gives it a luxurious look.
It's a cool black-based design, so you'll want to stick it on your own devices!

Great 20% off coupon!

And it even includes a 20% off coupon for ZONe Ver 1.3.9 500ml x 24 cans for use on Amazon!
I want more! This is a great offer for ZONe enthusiasts who want more!

Volume set of 10

And here's the important part: the ZONe!
This box was filled with these large capacity 500ml cans!
Ten bottles in all ! That's a very generous amount of contents.

Now on sale exclusively on Amazon!

That's it for the "ZONe 3 assortment pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe collaboration)" opening ceremony!
It comes with a beautiful seal and also includes a 20% PFF coupon for ZONe Ver1.3.9 500ml x 24 cans, so if you love both ZONe and BIOHAZARD VILLAGE! If you love both ZONe and BIOHAZARD VILLAGE, why don't you consider purchasing it?
This "ZONe 3 Assortment Pack (PlayStation 5 | BIOHAZARD VILLAGE | ZONe Collaboration)" is available now for 2,203 yen (tax included)!
This is an Amazon exclusive, and sales are limited!
Check out Amazon if you're interested!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Is it true gaming Enadori!? I drank "ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition Ver.PS5"!
Is it true gaming Enadori!? I drank "ZONe PlayStation 5 Edition Ver.PS5"!...

After PlayStation 5 is sold, about 4 months. The situation that acquisition is still difficult also continued at present, but PlayStation 5 edition appeared fro

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