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"Leasing" fan surge!? SFC original player plays "Seiken Legend 3 Remake"! Pay attention to Hawkeye × Lease!


I bought and played "Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA", a full remake of "Trials of Mana", on its release date.
I was debating whether to buy the Switch version or the PS4 version, but I decided to buy the PS4 version because I wanted to complete the trophies, and I successfully completed them.

Look out for Hawkeye x Reese.

Trials of ManaリメイクTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

While the Super NES version had only dots and text, this full remake has event scenes that make you feel more immersed in the story.
One of the most interesting was Hawkeye x Reese.
Hawkeye is a Thief of the Nabar bandits and likes Jessica, the sister of Eagle, the best friend of the son of the leader of the Nabar bandits.
However, due to the trickery of Isabella the Beauty, Hawkeye is falsely accused of killing Eagle, and Jessica is cursed by the Beauty.
The Navarre bandits are taken over by the Beauty Beast and invade Princess Laurant, where Rhys is... Rhys becomes the enemy of the Navarre bandits, but for some reason, he falls in love with Hawkeye, but Hawkeye loves Jessica, so they travel together in an unrequited love. This is so sad! " feeling.

The ending makes everyone feel amicable, but I wish they'd explore these relationships more...! and I didn't mind when I was in elementary school, but now that I'm an adult, I can't help but wonder.

By the way, there is an exciting event in the kingdom of Laurant if you let Rhys into the party and don't let Hawkeye into the party.
Maybe not having them in the party will help them get to know each other better...?

Jessica and Isabella.

イザベラとジェシカTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Isabella, the beautiful beast, is in love with the Black Nobleman, the last boss of the game, and is working for the Black Nobleman in all sorts of evil ways.

The princess, Rhys, the daughter of the bandit leader, Jessica, and the villain, Isabella the Beauty Beast... The characters and relationships among the women are also the charm of Trials of Mana.

But then again, Rhys is the best!

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Not the typical princess who is protected, but Rhys who fights for herself. Her strong attitude, pure girlish side, and her sense of responsibility as a princess are all evident throughout the game.
If Hawkeye can't reciprocate Rhys' feelings, it's only a matter of time before the players start saying, "Rhys is my wife. They should already be there.
While FF7 remake players are saying that they prefer Tifa or Aerith, there is no doubt that the number of Rhys fans is secretly increasing rapidly (source needed).

Now then(?) Here are some photos of Reese.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Reese sleeping.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Ries finding his footprints.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA
リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA
リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA
リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Reese unleashing a special move.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Reese approaching the treasure chest left by Hawkeye's best friend Eagle.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Rys is happy to know that his brother is safe.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Rys returns to the Kingdom of Laurent.

リースTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Rys renews his resolve.

If you are interested in Rys, you should play "Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA" right now!

In addition

ニキータTrials of Mana TRIALS of MANA

Nikita is also cute.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Seiken 3 Remake "Seiken Legend 3 TRIALS of MANA" Trial Version Review! Real-time generation is impressed! An immersion in a growing story!
Seiken 3 Remake "Seiken Legend 3 TRIALS of MANA" Trial Version Review! Real-time...

It's sold by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and trial versions of a full remake work of the famous story which keeps being loved for a long time "

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