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Final Report at OMEN Booth at TGS 2019

Final Report at OMEN Booth at TGS 2019

The offline final of the CS:GO tournament "OMEN Challenger series 2019" was held on Saturday, September 14 at 12:30 at the OMEN booth of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Japan HP gaming brand.

The matchups for this year's tournament were the winners of the online tournament held on Monday, August 26- Wednesday, 28: the Japanese champions "Absolute" and the regular finalists "Ignis", who will represent Japan in the final. The deciding match was a Best of 3 (3 sets, 2 games).

What is CS:GO to begin with?

CS:GOValve Corporation

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO or CSGO, is an FPS action game.
In this game, players are divided into two groups, terrorists and counter-terrorists, and the first player to win 16 rounds wins the game while equipping himself with the money given to him during the game.

MAPBanPick of Doom

Ignis Players
Saiga NAK編集部

CS:GO currently has a total of 7 competitive MAPs.
In finals and big tournaments, the players banPick MAPs from each other and narrow down the list from 7 MAPs to 3 MAPs before the match starts.
This is an important phase of the game where the teams play each other to win by banning their opponent's best MAPs and forcing their opponents to pick their best MAPs.
This is one of the most interesting phases of CS:GO.
"Absolute" and "IGNIS" have fought many times before, and they know each other's strong and weak MAPs. The "Absolute" side also banned nuke.

Then "Absolute" picked Train, "Ignis" picked Overpass, and finally "Absolute" BANNED dust2.
The first match was decided as "Train", the second as "Overpass", and the third as "Vertigo".

Not a Close Upset

CS:GO Tournament"OMEN Challenger Series 2019"決勝レポートSaiga NAK編集部

The teams were hotly contested, with the teams having by far the best individual and team skills at the Japanese level.

In the first match, "Absolute" won. In the second match, "Ignis" showed a furious pursuit in the middle of the match, and in the final round, "Absolute" was not fully equipped, and it looked like the match would go into overtime, but the "Absolute" team's coordination was so good that they won the round. However, the "Absolute" team's coordination was excellent, and the round was won. However, "Absolute" was able to get the round, and won the match with a score of 2:0.

"Absolute" will represent Japan in the Grand Final of the OMEN Challenger series 2019, which will be held in Jakarta on Friday, November 1.

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