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Live broadcast of "The 2nd SSB SP Online Challenge Final Tournament" is decided!

「第2回 スマブラSP オンラインチャレンジ 決勝大会」の生中継が決定!

Super Smash Bros. Special " (hereafter referred to as "Smash Bros. SP") is currently on sale on the Nintendo Switch.
On June 30, 2020, a new fighter " Mien M ien" will be added to the "ARMS" series, further increasing the intensity of Super Smash Bros.
The unique feel of his arms stretching out is difficult to use, but those who have mastered it really have a hard time fighting! I need to work on being able to move like that!
In March of this year, the " 2nd Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge " rating battle was held.
The top challengers who received the highest scores in that event will compete against each other in a tournament format, and the finals will be broadcast live!

The top 8 players will compete in a tournament.

The " 2nd Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge Final " will be broadcast on Saturday, July 18, 2020 at 18:00!
The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube Live and OPENREC.tv.

The heated matches will be broadcast by Naouhei Taguchi as the play-by-play commentator and 9B as the commentator!

Live Broadcast and Commentary

The eight top challengers who have achieved high rankings in the "2nd Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge" and announced their participation in the tournament will fight in the finals!
All of them are fierce competitors who scored more than 27,000 points in the qualifying rounds! It is sure to be a spectacular battle!
The participants and the pairings for the day have already been announced and are as follows!


In the finals, each match will be played with two wins. Unlike the qualifiers, the number of stocks is 3 and the time limit is 5 minutes.
The stage will be selected at random from those shown in the image below.


Which player will win the top of the 2nd tournament? You will have to see for yourself!
For more information, please check the Nintendo website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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