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Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season, an esports tournament from Toyama Prefecture, is launched.

富山県発のeスポーツ大会「Takaoka Esports Cup - プレシーズン」が始動

TakaokaeSports Cup Executive Committee " of Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, announced that they will hold regular eSports tournaments " Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season " at " Takaoka ePark ", the first eSports base facility in Toyama Prefecture. Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season

What is "Takaoka Esports Cup"?

Takaoka Esports Cup
Takaoka Esports Cup
"Takaoka Esports Cup"公式サイト

Takaoka Es ports Cup" will be held for the first time at " Takaoka ePark"" Toyama Prefecture's first e-sports base facility, which opened in April 2020 and is also the activity base of Toyama Prefecture's professional e-sports team " TSURUGI TOYAMA ". The first e-sports tournament to be held at the "Takaoka ePark&quot

The purpose of this event is not only to promote e-sports, but also to make the city center more lively and to develop the local economy by attracting a wide range of users, from beginners to experts, from both inside and outside of the prefecture.

Takaoka ePark
Takaoka ePark

What is Takaoka?

Takaoka City is the second largest city in Toyama Prefecture, and has been revitalized with the opening of the new Takaoka Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and the AEON MALL Takaoka in the Shin-Takaoka Station area.

Takaoka ePark is conveniently located just a 4-minute walk from Takaoka Station. Takaoka Station is only a 10-minute cab ride from Shin-Takaoka Station, and there is also a bus route, making it easily accessible from Tokyo.

It is also easily accessible by car from Nakanoto Town and Nanao City in Ishikawa Prefecture, making it a mecca for e-sports in the Hokuriku region.

Pre-season starts in July

Takaoka Esports Cup - プレシーズン
Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season
"Takaoka Esports Cup"公式サイト

The "Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season" will be held from Saturday, July 11, 2020 to Saturday, November 7, 2020.
The game titles will be " Shadowverse," a competitive online trading card game by Cygames, and " Granblue Fantasy Versus," a fighting game also by Cygames.
The total prize money is 500,000 yen. The first qualifying round will be held online to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and subsequent rounds will be determined based on the situation.

Outline of "Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season
Game Title Shadowverse
Sponsor Takaoka eSports Cup Executive Committee
(Suehiro Kaihatsu Corporation, Takaoka City, Takaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toyama eSports Union, etc.)
Sponsors The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd., ISE Corporation, Tonami Transportation Co.
Shiotani Corporation, Nosaku Corporation, Sunten Corporation, Toyo Communication Industry Co.
Takaoka Gas Corporation, Kaishindo Corporation, Hotel New Otani Takaoka, Takaoka Shinkin Bank
Sunny Live Holdings Corporation, Kaishindo Gakki Corporation, Fushiki Kaihatsu Transport Co.
Takagi Seiko Corporation, Hokutate Corporation, Nagae Corporation, Hokusei Products Co.
Takenaka Corporation, Chemiplas Corporation, Le Soleil Corporation
Tournament Schedule 1st Preliminary Round - GBVS Division: Saturday, July 11 / Shadowverse Division: Saturday, July 18
2nd Preliminary Round - Sunday, August 2
3rd Preliminary Round - Saturday, September 5
4th Preliminary Round - Sunday, October 4
Playoff Tournament - Saturday, November 7
Except for the 1st Preliminary Round, both divisions will be held on the same day.
Tournament Format The season will consist of four preliminary tournaments and a playoff tournament.
Winning the qualifying tournament earns the right to advance to the playoffs, and points are awarded to the top finishers.
The four winners of each preliminary tournament plus the four players with the highest point totals at the end of the four preliminary tournaments, for a total of eight players, will advance to the playoff tournament.
Maximum number of participants 64 for "Shadowverse" and 64 for "GRANBLUE FANTASY Versus
The 1st "GRANBLUE FANTASY Versus" online qualifying tournament will be held with 32 players due to operational reasons.
Distribution time From 15:00 for the 1st Preliminary Round
Pre-Season Prize Money 500,000 yen *Total 250,000 yen per title
150,000 yen prize money for the winner + souvenir
Runner-up prize money: 70,000 yen + souvenir
Third place prize money: 30,000 yen + souvenir
Format The first qualifying round will be held online; subsequent rounds will be determined based on the situation.
Distribution Platforms YouTube, Twitch, OPENREC.tv (planned)
Website https://takaoka-epark.jp/cup/

Two seasons in one year

Takaoka Esports Cup
Takaoka Esports Cup

After the Takaoka Esports Cup - Pre-Season, Season 1 is scheduled to be held in December or March 2020, with a prize pool of 1 million yen.
Thereafter, two seasons are scheduled to be held periodically over the next year, and the e-sports event that started in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, may soon become one of Japan's leading e-sports events.
For details, entry and regulations, please visit the official Takaoka Esports Cup website.

Comment from Yohei Sakaiya, tournament producer

Events such as Toyama Gamers Day have been held in Toyama Prefecture since 2016.
We have also completed a new e-sports facility, Takaoka ePark, which had not existed in the prefecture until now. We are grateful to the many players and local businesses that have supported our development and to be able to hold events like this at this facility.
Through this tournament, we will not only enhance the activities of the players, but will also face the aspect of revitalizing the local community and aim to further update it.


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