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"League of Legends" and "AAPE BY *A BATHING APE" limited collaboration apparel collection will be released on September 26!

「リーグ・オブ・レジェンド」と「AAPE BY *A BATHING APE」の限定コラボアパレルコレクションが9月26日発売!

League of Legends," a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game operated by Riot Games, is said to have over 100 million players.
A limited apparel collection " AAPE BY *A BATHING APE X LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ", a collaboration between "League of Legends" and the youth-oriented fashion brand "AAPE BY *A BATHING APE", has been designed. The design of the collection is based on two concepts.

「リーグ・オブ・レジェンド」と「AAPE BY A BATHING APE」がコラボ!アパレルコレクションとゲーム内スキンが登場!

Limited apparel collection based on two concepts

Gilded Yasuo

AAPE BY *A BATHING APE X LEAGUE OF LEGENDS" is a limited edition apparel collection that is a collaboration between "LoL" in-game skins and "AAPE BY *A BATHING APE" real items. The collection consists of two concepts.
The collection consists of two concepts.

The centerpiece of this collection!

The first is a realistic fashion item based on the " True Damage YASUO Prestige Edition," which will also be implemented in the game.
The latest collection, based on the most distinctive gold color with black embroidery, consists of an outer jacket, T-shirt, cargo pants, belt bag, and sneakers.
The jacket, pants, and bag feature gold reflectors, while the T-shirt is made of gold foil fabric featuring AAPE's iconic " moon face.
The footwear design is also based on classic AAPE dimensions, and the combination of gold and black successfully expresses the "True Damage YASUO Prestige Edition.

Yasuo on the chest
Designed in the motif of a virtual band DJ

The second edition is inspired by Yasuo's DJ dress in the True Damage music video.
The virtual band motif is reproduced on T-shirts and hoodies using digital printing technology to create a design with a contemporary street aesthetic.
The oversized and loose tailored silhouettes express strong hip-hop elements, and the silhouettes of everyday apparel such as pullover hoodies, crew neck sweaters, T-shirts, and baseball caps are transformed with unique design concepts and motifs.

Stores selling the brand in Japan are

  • AAPE STORE Harajuku
  • AAPE STORE Shibuya
  • AAPE STORE Hankyu Men's Tokyo
  • AAPE STORE Osaka

The product will be available at these four stores from September 26, 2020 (Sat).
Please check the AAPE special page and official Instagram for product details.


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