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Let's go hunting with Tsujimoto-san and Chasa-cha-san! Capcom TV Conducts "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" Online Multiplayer!


Capcom's hunting action game " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " was released with the first free title update Ver. 11 on August 10, 2022 (Wednesday), further expanding the ways to play the game.
The update was released just before the Bon vacations, and many people may have spent their Bon holidays playing MonHun.
While MonHun is of course fun alone, the best part of the game is the online multiplayer with friends and other hunters from around the world.
The sense of accomplishment is especially great when you can work together to kill a monster that would be difficult to hunt alone.
Many famous people play MonHun, so if there is a chance to play online multiplayer with them, wouldn't you like to participate?
To make this dream come true, the next episode of " Capcom TV!


Online multiplayer with viewer participation!

Capcom TV!

Capcom TV!" will broadcast "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" on August 17, 2022 (Wednesday) at 19:00 and will feature online multiplayer with gorgeous guests and viewers!
So, you are wondering who you can go hunting with, right?
The first half of the show will feature Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of the Monster Hunter series, and the second half will feature Chacha(@co1971385), who is well-known for his live videos of the Monster Hunter series and other games!
Producer Tsujimoto-san himself. This is a very rare chance to play online multiplayer with Chacha, who is no stranger to MonHun.
In addition, those who participate in the online multiplayer will have the chance to win guild cards of the performers, so you can't miss it!

Participation will be announced during the show, so if you want to go hunting together, make sure you have "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" online and watch the broadcast in real time!
There will also be a Twitter giveaway campaign to win a hard-to-find "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" amiibo in special platinum and metallic red colors, so don't miss out!

Twitter Present Campaign

For more details and to watch the event, please visit the official website of "Capcom TV!


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